Chapter one

December 14, 2010
By Anonymous

Chapter one



I wake feeling cold. Freezing. It was so cold it burned. I tried to sit up and look around, but I was too weak to sit up. I laid there for awhile, freezing to death. I finally found the strength to sit up.


 I looked around, I am lying in the snow in the woods. Where were the bad people? Why am I alive? I see my chasers back about twenty feet. Both  dead. What happened? Why am I alive and them dead, there was no one else in sight. My assassilants were clearly killed from guns, but who shot them? I trudge through the snow towards their dead bodies. My leg is hurting, I look down and remember the bullet wound, it shot right through my calf.


 I get to the men. I rip off ones shirt and tie it around my leg. I take their bags, and search through their possessions. I find some stale bread, a spare revolver cap, a few bullets, and a pocket knife. I search the other ones bag and find more bread, a wool blanket, and a map! That’s exactly what I needed. I take the everything and the man’s revolver, and go onward.

 I stop for a rest and take out the stale bread. I take a few bites, it was not that good, but it was something. I watch a few crumbs fall into the glistining snow. I did not know what to do, it was getting dark. It is the middle of winter and I had no where to sleep.

I decide to search for a place to sleep. I did not find much,except a dry spot under a dying oak tree. I decided to camp there for the night.I took off my pack, and got out the blanket. Lying down on the cold, hard ground I tried to fall asleep. It was pretty cold, even with the blanket, for it didn’t save much heat.

I wake up to the sound of twigs snapping. I slowly get up,grabbing the revolver’s handle. I did not know how to shoot it, but if I needed to, I would figure out. It was dark, so I could not really see that well, so I slowly hid behind the tree. A boy a few yours older than me, about sixteen, trudged into view, also carrying a gun.

      He looked around, probaly looking for me. He said, “I know your watching me.” I decided to come out, but I did not let go of my gun either. I asked him, “Did you shoot the men?” He answered yes. I asked him, “Did you escape from the bad place too?” He said yes. I asked him his name. He said his name was Josh. I told him my name was John.

I asked him where we were suspossed to go to get away from the bad people. All he said was, “Let’s get some sleep, we will decide on that in the morning.”

I woke up a few hours later, with Josh shaking my arm and telling me to be quiet. I sit up squinting at the sunlight blazing through the tree branches. He tells me to be quiet and follow him. I hear the sound of marching footsteps, all in rhythem, almost sounding like music. He tells me to hurry up,and he does not know how close they are.

      Josh and I are running through the woods as fast as we could without making any noise, but even going at this fast rate it still felt as they were gaining onus.

      We eventually stopped to take a quick rest by a creek. As we were running the sound of marching faded, but now it was coming back, from ahead and behind us.

      The marching was getting very close, the all of a sudden Josh grabbed my arm and pulled me into the creak. He told me to crawl over the ice into a low overhang,almost like a little cavern made just for us to live. We hear the marching stop, almost right above us.

      Above us, Josh and I, we hear a gruff voice shout, “Take a quick breather men, then keep on marching to Berlin! Make Hitler proud!”











The author's comments:
Just something I wrote in my free time.

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