December 13, 2010
By Basketball13 BRONZE, Shapleigh, Maine
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Dead.. Lying there on the side of the rode. At least forty cars parked around the seen. I couldn’t believe that this is now happening to me. After all of this...

All of my life I have been on my own. It all first started one weekend before school started in fifth grade.

My mom was a runner. She was running from the police. We were poor, very poor and my mom decided she was going to rob a bank. I was too little to remember the details. I was just a little boy when it happened, but that is what the police officer had told me. My mom left me, she left me all by myself. She didn’t tell anyone where she was going and what she was going to do. ?All of my life I have been on my own. No body to take care of me. My family didn’t want me. Living on the streets. I finally got a job, it wasn’t much. I moved boxes for a truck company. It didn’t pay more than 5 dollars an hour. I am only fifteen now, i’m trying to find myself a better life. Like my mom never did. She’s probably rich now, in hiding, being a selfish person who didn’t give a care about anyone, but herself. She never loved me, ever. She said I was a mistake and never should of been born, she said I should just give up on life and stay out of hers. She doesn’t want me to be happy. That’s why she left nothing for me.

Friday night was the night i had the dream. It felt so real. I felt like I had been there before, but I knew I hadn't. It was cold and dark. I was shivering, my bones ached, I felt as if I had been whipped in the back. It burned, my body was numb, my back was red. I thought this dream had happened to me, it felt so real. Then my mom walked in and sat by my bed, she laughed. It felt like hours had gone by she had been laughing the whole time. She wasn't going to help me. I knew I had been hit with something, but I was on my stomach and I couldn't see. I could just feel it.

“I wish you were never born. Your useless in this world.” My mom yelled.

I barley was able to spit this out.

“I would be something if you would of cared about me from the start. You only say I don't matter and you don't care about me, because you have nothing nice to say because your parents didn't care about you!” My mom slowly rose from the bed and hit me with a belt I felt the pain go right up my spine. I was numb, but that didn't matter. Then I woke up.

Later that day I got a call. It was my aunt, she told me that she wanted to adopt me. I don’t know what made her have a change of heart, but I am grateful that she wants me. At least somebody wants me. She told me that she tried to contact my mother and she got through to her. She asked if she could adopt me and my mother said no...... she said no. Right then and there when my aunt told me that I never ever wanted to see my mom, ever again. I hate her. She abandoned me, she didn't even want a good life for me. My aunt asked my where I was staying I told her I wasn't staying anywhere because well, I wasn't. She told me she was already on her way to the airport and was coming to get me. I actually might have a life I thought to myself. I had a feeling of joy.

That night I lay on a bench in the middle of a park and looked up at the stars I knew tonight would be the last night that I would have no one. I slowly began to fall asleep and all was silent.

I was up and ready for the day I had been waiting for, for literally 5 years. My aunt told me to meet her at the airport. It was only about 5 miles away from where I work and sleep so I started walking.

About an hour or so later I look up and see blue lights flashing and I hear sirens in the distance. I began walking a little bit faster. I came to the seen. I could smell the sweetness of the blood. I wasn't sure if this was real. I slowly began to faint.

I woke up. Dead.. Lying there on the side of the rode. At least forty cars parked around the seen. I couldn’t believe that this is now happening to me. After all of this... My aunt, the only one in the world that had a place for me in her heart was dead. Killed. She had been hit by a car. I was finally able to get up off the ground I walked over to one of the cops.

“What happened to my aunt.” I said in a low and scared voice.

The cop replied, “She was hit by a women driving out of control, we believe it was on purpose. Strangely they look very alike.” I looked into the police car. I could not breathe. I was my mom. She had killed her own sister. This is something that someone only like my mom would do. She was desperate, she wanted me to suffer. I will suffer the rest of my life knowing that someone would kill their own sister to keep their own child from being happy. But i'm not the one suffering now. My mom is in jail. I hope she loves it. One of the cops at the scene that day turned out to be my second cousin and he was very very willing to raise me. I am lucky to be who I am today all thanks to my aunt and my cousin. But not my MOM.

The author's comments:
I had a dream about something based like this and I decided to write a story about what happened.

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