Seeking Redemption Chap 2

December 1, 2010
"Allister I'm tired." I murmur as I try hard to keep my eyes open.
"Go to sleep Ziva. I'll wake you up if anything happens. I'm looking for a place to stay for the night anyway."
It has been a month since it all began. Allister and I have been searching every state for a sign of life, none. We try to avoid cities as best we can, but sometimes we venture through there looking for supplies to better our survival. We've come close to death searching for supplies, but I guess every minute we still live we are risking death. The creatures seem to smell us coming sometimes because a large group of them just stand motionless near the entrance of the city. Luckily we installed a semi-automatic and automatic machinegun to the car for times like those. We've visited every major city and searched every inch that we possibly could looking for survivors. Sometimes I feel like giving up and just letting them eat me, but Allister keeps me going and the reason I'm still sane.
"Ziva I'm sorry for this but we need gas so I need you to prepare the guns for me."
"Why are we heading to the city for gas? We've passed plenty of stations not to far back." I ask confused.
"You have never realized? These things are also attracted to sound. There are tons we haven't killed that are following us at this moment."
"So is that why there seems to be more then there actually is?" I questioned him again.
"Yes, now may you please get it ready? But be careful cause we still have a long way till the next station."
I hop up onto the roof of the car and prepare the automatic gun. I cling tightly to it and position myself comfortably enough where I can relax and turn to shoot in all directions. This has come to be a normal routine for me and I enjoy doing it. To see the bullets penetrate their body and completely destroy them has become my way of entertainment, but I would never tell Allister this because he'll probably think of me crazy.
"Allister we almost there? It's starting to get cold out."
"Yes hun, we are. Just hold on a little longer."
I love it when he calls me hun. It lets me know I'm still alive and that I'm here with the person I truly love. Even in this time of destruction, I still seem to smile and get all giddy inside. I've noticed lately that his black hair has been losing its color, it seems more lighter and silvery, yet he is only seventeen.
"Allister your hair. It's turning silver."
"Do you mean white?" He turns to me smiling.
"No, I mean silver, it glows lightly. White hair doesn't do that." I touch his hair lightly and play with it.
"Hm, weird then. We'll worry about it later after we get out of the city. Are you ready?" He speeds up with the city directly in front of us.
"Yeah I am. Let's kill some creatures!" I yell while gripping the handles tightly getting ready.
We reach closer to the city and I see thousands of them standing there, waiting for us.
"This is more than I expected...try to clear a pathway for us instead of killing them all."
"Alright, I'm ready to see the blood fly!" I yell at the top of my lungs, eyes getting wide with frenzy.
"Ziva, don't go overboard. We only need a pathway then you can kill them all."
Allister drives faster and I prepare to release fire as we draw near. Their bloodied bodies come closer and I open fire to begin clearing the way for our poorly made defense system of our car. We reached a clearing within the middle of the city in matter of seconds, but we saw not one gas station for a long way. We drove forward some ways but were stopped by a loud noise. The ground had started to shake and the ground was opening right underneath our car. Allister and I abandoned the car and huddles near a safe opening away from large objects. We saw the creatures walking towards us slowly and all of our weapons were in the car.
"Allister, what are we going to do? Those things are coming and our weapons are in the car." Tears form in my eyes as I hug him tighter.
"There is a way...Ziva I love you."
Allister pulls me away from him and jumps onto the car. It slowly starts to fall in as the crack gets wider, Allister hurries to get the weapons out and throws some of them towards me. He gets in the car and grabs the explosives, but the car begins to fall in.

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