Tragic Tales of a Hero King

November 21, 2010
By , Wellington, FL
Blade, a fitting name for any one who new him because he always carried a sword, was a only child and grew up on a farm with his mom and dad in Roma during 500 B.C. He felt free but alone, he had no friends because he lived in a rural area. Blade roamed the open fields day and night.
One day when Blade was 6 his father was taken away by corrupt Roman soldiers they said, “It’s another casualty of the war.” Blade was so sad, but then he realized that it was cool to be a soldier in the greatest war of his country and wanted to be like him. Blade set up little targets and cut them with his sword he got from his grand father from another war.
He was playing in the fields when he started to act like he was a scout; he acted like he had to scout barbarian camp. He ran down the beaten path to the forest that lay on the out skirts of the property. After hours of sneaking around blade, now 8 was getting hungry and tired left the forest and saw smoke. The house was on fire, he saw a solider kill his mom. Blade was dragged away and forced into the army.
An early beginning
“Sir I cant go on” Blade said, “I just cant do it.” Now 12 Blade was being trained for The Battle, a last ditch effort for the war with the barbarians. The training was horribly brutal; some that could not go on were executed. Some of the training exercises were running, sparing, climbing ropes, swimming and any other things that could help them for The Battle.
“The training shall be harsh, but the reward shall be O so sweat.” The next 5 years Blade would be put through the living hell, to prepare for The Battle. If not won Roam would be no more.
While getting some outside experience, patrolling the city with Giovanna a ex Italian slave he saw Princes Elizabeth “Giovanna so help me god I will marry her.”
“But you could never be, you a captured farm boy and her royalty.”
“That may be but I will” as his and the princes eyes met they stared into each other’s eyes, they would never be the same again, in love. Knowing they could never be together in public they met secretly, and secretly married.
When he was 18 the Roman army left on a two-year quest to The Battle. Elizabeth was heart broken when they left. As the rows of soldiers left the city Blade shed a single tear.

The rode to the battle was long and tortures. Small tribes, illness, or starvation killed almost a 6th of the army. The journey took a toll on the living soldiers too. They had to take a month to recuperate and rest.

When Blade saw the massive camp that was constructed to house 500,000 soldiers, it stole his breath.
After several months after there arrival Blade was called on to scout the barbarian camp. “This is exactly like when I was a kid.” He went about a mile to a rocky hill were he gazed apron the vast army. By the looks of things there was about 700,000 of them. When he got back and reported the news his superiors were so pleased they promoted him to commander of the 18th platoon. Blade was so happy that he was in command of 100 troops. The battle was two weeks away, he was ready.
Two weeks later the 2 massive forces were faced head to head. Blades orders were to lead three platoons around the main force and kill the barbarian king; the king was stupid and arrogant so he only had a handful of royal guards and two platoons guarding him. Blade made his troops hide, at the right moment he made them jump out of their hiding spot and charge. Blade was smart and left the second in command in charge and took ten troops up the middle to the king and an archer killed his guards 4 of his troops and blade was hit in the side.
“No,” screamed Blade “No, it will not end like this.” He snapped the arrow out of his side and drew his blade (no pun intended) he ran up the golden stairs to the king and with one thrust the war and the battle ended.
The streets were riddle with parties and parades as the victories army returned with its new king, Blade. He went to the pales in such of his beloved wife. A servant stopped him and said, “ Your wife bared you a child.
“Perfect, now are family is complete” said Blade
“But sir” it was to late Blade burst into the court yard, and under the tree were they used to sit at night there was a grave and it read: here lies Elizabeth Dorman, died during chilled berth of her only chilled. Next to the bench sat Norman their son, with a fake smile he said, “you must be my father, I have heard great stories of your bravery.”
“Well I will tell you all of them my son.” They loved each other but held pained in their heart for Elizabeth.
The father and son came to conquer many countries, every night Blade would tell Norman a tale, true or fake, about his life or his mothers beauty, even during war. There is a new king now, because of me, Giovanna his right hand man, second in command killed them one night out of spite for Elizabeth the one I should have married under the cypress tree in the magic swamp. I rule Roam now, but some times I can here his voice asking why?

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