November 14, 2010
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I turned around to face the killer, knife in hand ready to strike. My eyes flooded with tears as I stood there looking into the eyes of a person I once loved, it was hard for me to fathom that this person had killed my best friend; he seemed gentle, kind and considerate. Deep down this man was a cold blooded killer.
“Anna, when are you going to get your head of out that book?” My aunt, Sophia Young, stood over me with the look of disapproval on her face.
“It’s an excellent book, you should try reading sometime!” I was extremely ticked off that Sophia would give me h*** for doing something that is supposed to be good for someone. Reading required a brain, and it seems as if Sophia doesn’t have one. Her not having a brain would explain a lot, all she seems to do is shop, party and work at McDonald’s. I have never seen Sophia pick up a book; or read anything for that matter.
“Sophia, I’m going to the mall to meet up with some friends from school.” I walked out the door with my bright pink sweater on.

By the time I got to the mall it was one thirty in the afternoon, and I was burning up.
“Hello Ana.” My friends approached me; one of them was playing with something behind his back. I approached them too.
I became nervous; something inside me was telling me to run. This is the third time I have met up with these people; I met them on a website that was designed for people to make new friends with in the city.
“How are you today Ana?” I noticed that another person in the group of friends was carrying something else behind his back.
“I am alright I suppose, how are you four doing?” Smiles went across all of their faces, they were up to something.
“Just happy to see you” They surrounded me and began to laugh. They sounded like a pack of Hyenas.
My body shook like a leaf as they took the things out from behind their backs. They threatened me with their weapons. Why wasn’t anyone helping me, couldn’t they see that I was in danger?
“Come with us.”
“Why should I?” I could feel one of the boys press something against my back. He pressed his lips against my ear and in a soft voice he whispered, “Because we said so.”
One of the tall, brown haired boys led me to a small black sports car. He sat me down in the front passenger seat, and sat in the driver’s seat beside me.
“What is your name?” He looked over at me and smiled, his eyes were light blue with a dark circle surrounding the outside of his pupil.
“My name is Jacob.” He started the sports car and put it into gear, slowly backing out of the parking stall.
“What are you people going to go to me?” The car speeded out of the parking lot and onto the highway, heading out of the city. “Something that only we will enjoy.” He turned up the radio and put in a CD. The music blasted as we raced down the small high way.
Tears ran down my face as I started imagining all the horrible things they might do to me. After a few minutes passed I realized that I still had my cell phone in my pant pocket. I slowly took my cell phone out of my pocket trying to be stealthy so Jacob wouldn’t notice.
“Don’t even think about it.” Jacob was staring at me, with his hand out stretched towards me. I placed the phone in his hand.

I started thinking of ways of escaping from this psycho. One that seemed pretty possible was jumping out of the car when he slowed down a little bit. This plan seemed the most likely to succeed, although the risks of me breaking some bones were high.
I eyed the road up ahead; there was a big patch of grass that was where I was planning to jump. Jacob was going 110 km per hour; I hope the grass will break my fall.
The patch of grass was a few feet away; I had my hand on the handle of the car door ready to jump from the car. Quickly I opened the car door and jumped; I missed the patch of grass completely and landed on the hard road. As I hit the pavement I could feel one of my ribs snap and jab into my gut. The pain was outstanding.
The tires of the car screeched as Jacob pushed on the brakes of the car.
Slowly I stood up, pain shot through my body as I walked towards a grouping of trees. Walking into the trees was the best way I saw possible to lose Jacob and maybe even get some help.
Jacob was yelling telling me to come back; his voice was angry and frustrated. By the time I walked half way through the grouping of trees I had blood flowing out of my right ear and both nostrils, I was feeling light headed and dizzy.
My body collapsed onto the muddy forest floor, I looked back and saw Jacob standing behind me. He held a gun in his hand; he had no clue where I was. I stood back up and started walking.
He shouted something at me, but I couldn’t understand what he had said. I continued to walk, I heard a gun go off my leg went numb with pain and once again I collapsed. My mind drifted away as the pain consumed my body.

I was woken by the sound of machines, I tried to sit up but the pain was too much.
“Nice stunt you pulled back there Ana.” Jacob was standing at the foot of the bed that I was laying on; he had some devices in his hands.
“You mangled yourself up really well, you woke up right on time for the surgery” screaming was not an option, a tube had been put down my throat to sub stain my breathing. I tugged on the tube, it did not budge.
My knee cap was pretty much gone; this was the result of a bullet ripping through my leg. The sound of a drill echoed in the large room, Jacob was about to drill some bolts into my leg.
As he began to drill pain consumed my body, I arched my back as the pain increased. He would stop ever so often to give me some time to recuperate. It took him twenty minutes to drill all four screws into my leg. All he needed to do now was attach some rods to the screws.
I was relieved immensely when he finished fixing my leg; I fell asleep quickly after that.

Would Sophia be looking for me? Would police officers be searching the city, but would come up with nothing that would lead them to me? Was I lost and never to be found? These questions streamed through my mind as I laid there on the mattress on the cold cement floor.
The mattress was damp from my blood and sweat, I was disgusted with myself. I was starting to regret jumping from the car it was a stupid thing to do; now I have a mangled leg and a couple of broken ribs.
For a good hour I laid there awaiting my doom, but it never came. They weren’t going to kill me, well not yet at least.
“Ana?” I turned my head to see who was calling my name, a tall blonde haired man stood beside me. He wore a name tag and a white doctor’s coat, on the name tag it said, “Dr. James Ryan” He was a doctor from the local hospital.
“If you can understand me lift one of your fingers.” I lifted my finger no problem.
“Okay, this is very good!” He was talking to someone else.
“Okay, Ana I’m going to give you some pain medication.” The doctor turned around to grab a needle like device, on one end of the needle there were multiple openings. This device was a huge port for medication to go into my body.
“This may feel slightly uncomfortable; I have to push this needle into your side so I can administer multiple medications at the same time.” The pain was there, but it was nothing compared to the previous pain I had felt.
The doctor injected different kinds of medications into the port; the pain faded over time and so did the fear. I had forgotten about the tube that was stuck down my throat, so when I attempted to speak nothing came out. This was starting to frustrate me; tears flowed from my eyes and stained my cheeks.
Jacob walked over to me, he looked into my eyes.
“Is this breathing tube really necessary?” He looked back at the doctor waiting for a response.
“No, we can take it out” The doctor deflated the air bubble that was keeping the tube in place; he slowly pulled the tube out of my throat. The sensation was very uncomfortable, when the tube was pulled all the way out I swallowed to make sure nothing else was in my throat, my throat was dry and numb.
I could hear them talking about something; I couldn’t make out what they were saying.
They walked over to me and examined my injuries.
“Would she be able to get out of here quickly?” The doctor poked and prodded me checking for where I was tender.
“I’m sure she can, but she will be in a lot of pain.”
“Can’t you just boost her full of pain killers?” Jacob pointed towards my IV.
“Yes I can, but they will make her very tired and drowsy” Jacob pondered his options quickly before deciding.
“Well I don’t want her in pain.” Jacob got closer to me and put his lips up against my ear.
“I’m a police officer and I’ve been trying to bust these guys for a long time. I’m sorry that you had to get hurt in the process.”
“Just get me out of here.” Jacob grabbed two hand guns and called the boys to come in; the door opened and Jacob opened fire. Blood coated the floor and walls.
“Hurry, grab Ana and let’s get out of here.” The doctor picked me up and ran up the stairs into what looked like a small shed. I experienced no pain as he ran to the car with me in his arms, Jacob was trailing behind us.
We got into the car and drove off in a hurry; I dozed off it seemed like seconds before we were back in the city. I could hear sirens outside of the car, the door of the car opened and two paramedics stood there reaching for me.
Carefully they lifted me, the pain killers had worn off I was in extreme amounts of pain.
I saw Jacob and the doctor talking to the police about what had happened, I was put in the back of an ambulance. The paramedics poked me with needles and pushed a tube down my throat to sub stain my breathing, the pain I felt as they removed the device that was on my leg was unbearable; it felt like they were pulling my bone apart.
When we got to the hospital there was a team of nurses waiting for us, after that I can remember nothing, I was so heavily medicated that everything was just a big blur.

The next morning I was surrounded by family and friends, they were all so happy to see that I was fine.

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