2nd person.

November 8, 2010
By larka BRONZE, Friendswood, Texas
larka BRONZE, Friendswood, Texas
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Your watching a little boy play w/ his friends.When you hear a loud bang coming from that general direction.You turn to see a boy on the ground and another boy w/ the gun.You run to see what happened.They say they were just playing,when the boy pulled out a gun.He was just messing around, he'd say.But someone got killed you'd retort.When you you sirens blaring down the road.The boys scatter,bumping into each other.When the cops show up,they question you about the incident.You tell them all you know,which isn't very much.You tell them you were busy knitting,sometimes looking out at the boys playing outside;when you heard a gun go off.They say okay and thanks for your help...They also ask did anybody else see the shooting?and Does anybody know the boy who died or the boy who fired the gun?You tell them one more time you don't know.You comply w/ their every demand.You say that you can get the info. for them though,by asking around.They say thank you and good-day to you and then they take their leave.You decide to go back home and sleep for the night and start asking around in the morning.The next morning you go out and ask people if they know anything at all.First you get no answers....then they open up and tell you what they know.You find out that the boy who got shot was 11 yr old Thomas O'reilly and the boy who shot the gun was 10 yr old James Dufour.So you go to the police and tell them everything you now know,they say thank-you and you've been most helpful,You take your leave then.They pull James Dufour in for questioning. They can't arrest him because he is too young but they do put him on parole.

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