November 18, 2010
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My life in wierdoville
Day 1

Well mom, you finally won. Yep she finally got me to stop being lazy and write a book about my crazy life in middle school. Hi I’m Tamara, and I don’t get why she thinks this book will be so great. I mean sure I’m accident prone and very clumsy. Not to mention the fact that I am very smart in some ways and dead blond in others. I have the weirdest sorts of luck and my relationships are never simple. Yep I’m no prodigy but that’s what you get when u live life in weirdoville.

Okay so I’ m not going to bore you by writing about every day of my life but I will fill you in on today. It started out like any other day. I struggled to get ready for school on time, my mom’s friends daughter Hannah came over and made it slightly harder to get ready. I mean you can imagine how it might be different with a shy girl staring at you silently as you get ready for school, as opposed to getting ready alone on my own time.
So, I finally get to the bus only to remember Scarlet isn’t going to be riding today.

Scarlett, we can her Scarlett- Jane or scar, is my best friend since like the beginning of time. Scar, Hannah and I used to be pretty close but Hannah kind of pulled away because of the age difference. Scar and Hannah are 7th graders and I’m in 8th. Scar and I have played hockey together since we met and that kind of held us together while we were at different schools. It also helps allot that are families are insanely close friends and we even went to Hawaii with them once. I have a lot of friends because of my parent’s friends but we can talk about them later. Scar also lives next door to be which I very convenient in the summer.

So with scar gone and Hannah riding it was a pretty depressing ride. No one rides my bus except for a bunch of nerds and occasionally a popular kid or to. MY only friend that ever rides is Rolly but he’s doesn’t exactly qualify as a friend. He has is nice days but he is obsessed with comparing me to characters from Family Guy and only the bad ones too. When he’s on the bus though, and not chanting “Meg, MEG, MEGGGG!!” in the hallways he’s pretty nice. That bus ride never changes hasn’t for 8 years and isn’t about to I bet.

At school today it was your typical day. It’s mid April so everyone is beginning to get spring fever. But the teachers do acknowledge this so, we haven’t had much home work. In the health room Mrs. Green always posts the birthdays on the board. I walked in to see that mine was up there in bold print. I was shocked because my birthday was over a month ago. It did remind me however that it Lances birthday today, family friends from birth. Thanks to Ms. Green's mistake, I had to explain to countless people that it wasn’t my birthday. But, I was kind of disappointed at how few people that actually was.
I was so excited to go to lunch and wish lane a happy birthday. I was also excited to see my friends. Some of my best school friends are smart like me, Becky and Justin or not so smart, Natalie and Lance. Justin and I have every class together and are extremely close. We tried dating but it ended quickly. WE have been best friends ever since. Becky was my only real friend at the beginning of the year last year and I have a lot of classes with her as well.

After a boring day of school I got ready for my hockey game. The normal season had just ended and I am now in the middle of a season of spring league. My mom and dad are taking an exciting trip to Vegas this weekend for Scar’s mom’s 40th birthday. Because of this mom was crammed with work and came to take me to practice very last minute. She was in such a hurry that she almost forgot my brothers. I have to younger brothers named Alex, 12, and Jaxon, 10. She hopped out of the car to go get them. Unfortunate she forgot to put on the parking brake on and when she hoped out the car started rolling backwards at first I thought it was just a jerk but it continued to roll down the driveway. Surprised and scared a just sat in the passenger seat and screamed really loud. My mom quickly caught up to the car and managed to stop it. She was not pleased with me though. Even though I had gotten my permit already and was supposed to know what to do, it is still new to me so I panicked. I already knew I was going to hear about it later.

Day 1: part 2 the game plan
So I arrived at the game early that day because my brother played before me. I don’t know what it is but there is something very attractive to me about guys that r great at hockey. It is for that very reason I have dated two of Alex's closest (and hottest friends). One of these, Justin, is also my current boyfriend. I miss him dearly because he is in New York on vacation with his family. Well he was actually adopted so it’s not his real family and it hurts him to talk about it. I have a horrible curse on picking guys who are broken but I’ll get into that later. This Justin is not the same one from school though it is kind of weird that it’s the second guy I’ve dated with that name.
Anyways one of my other family friends is on Alex’s team also. He is the second person I have dated from his team. His name is Lyle and he really was an amazing boyfriend. He was the first guy I ever kissed, well it was more of a peck but it counts. It was really hard for us to date though given the circumstances and the fact that he stayed the night at my house every other weekend. I do wish that Alex and he weren’t friends sometimes so we could be together but Alex has limited friends as it is and I wouldn’t want to make that harder on him.
Justin (BF) called to wish me good luck before my game. We talked for awhile and then I had to get ready. Surprisingly, talking to him did make me forget about the game, until it started. It’s not that I hate my team, my coaches, or even the game, it’s just that spring league is based purely on age. I get stuck with boys. House boys. Comp. player boys. Huge boys. Mean boys. It really is quiet unfair. I’m not saying I’m not good, for my level, and gender. It’s just the compared to them I look like I just got new skates and forgot how to use my stick. I was so nervous that I slipped when trying to make a pass and actually shot on net. It was horrible. I scored on my own team. And the house, comp., huge, mean boys all saw it. And their friends in the stands saw it. And their parents. And the coaches. This was not helping out my popularity struggle at all.
After the game I avoided eye contact with anyone a made my way to the car. While I sat in the passenger seat crying and praying no one was watching, my mom thought it was a good opportunity to talk. “Honey, you know that we are going away for the next week and you are going to need to be packed and ready in the morning and….” She paused to correct my posture .again. “So any way are you going to need anything from the store before we leave? Any lady things maybe?”
OH MY GOSH. I hate when she brings this stuff up. I’m not insecure or anything but I just really don’t like talking about it with HER. She just puts in such a weird way. I wanted to avoid the diction so I politely turned and said, “Mom, I’m fine right now I just want to go home”
I tried to fit in a many sobs and sympathetic sniffles between words as I could. She bought it no problem and we got to head home. During the drive I got to feeling better so I called Justin to tell him how I did. He was laughing about the goal thing and telling me not to worry about it. He was saying he loved me and telling me about Niagara Falls and his great day. He was going on and on and I really enjoyed talking to him. Then we pulled to a stop at an intersection right before the turn off for Fred Meyers. My mom turned and apparently though I was talking to Scar because she blurted out “tams, are u sure you don’t need more tampons? We can pull of here. They have the kind you like on sale right now anyways.”
All I could here on the other end of the line was hysterical laughing he was like “are you sure Tammy? They have the special kind and everything!”
I quickly told him I had to go. After a firm talking to my mom it was a quiet ride for the most part. She did think it was a good time, however to point out that I make mistakes to without thinking. She was referring to the parking brake incident. When we got home we walked into the house stone silent which wasn’t normal. My dad didn’t understand. We usually laugh at this kind of stuff. I guess we were both really stressed because of that trip. My mom came in and apologized long after I had forgotten, as she always does. Then she felt obligated to give big heartfelt speech that I had to listen to.
It was surprisingly hard to sleep last night. All I could hear was Alex ripping them left and right against the wall our rooms shared, and Jackson talking in his sleep about random stuff like hippos and flying to the circus. When I finally did get to sleep I had an amazingly vivid dream about some. And shockingly it wasn’t Justin, or Justin.

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