Hawk (chapter 13 & ending: the end of darkness )

November 15, 2010
By Hawk1164 GOLD, Minier, Illinois
Hawk1164 GOLD, Minier, Illinois
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"Even in the greatest darkness of our minds, hearts, and souls, love can allways be a light to break the shadow over us.

Moving toward the light, I thought it would be the end. I woke up to see Alex standing over me crying. I thought that death must be toying with my mind that this was an illusion.

“Alex, please don’t cry…” I said weakly, “Don’t ever cry for me….you’ll make me feel guilty.”


She pulled me up of the ground in a hug…this is real I’m not dead? How?

“Don’t worry, Hawk. We can all tell you what happened after we save Croc.”

After Alex brought Croc back from the darkness that we were in they all told me what they went through in Armageddon. So much had happened that I had never thought about.

Eventually Reaper did come back along with all the other demons. After finding out that Reaper could bring back the demons if he was dead with them wasn’t easy but after that our orders changed...capture Reaper and kill all other demons. After the second revolt we rebuilt the Earth and now I have my Uncle, Mother, Alex, and all those who have become my friends with me as we live in peace together.


Not many see the way I see life
Like the darkness will never leave
But for those who do and struggle because of it
I know what it’s like
So remember if you’re lost in a dark tunnel
Of either your heart or mind
Love can always be a light
To end the darkness

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