Hawk (chapter 12: armageddon stories)

November 15, 2010
(Armageddon through the eyes of
Alex, Wolf, Croc, and Reaper)


I’ve not been able to help much before, but I won’t let my friends down. Wolf, Croc, and Hawk have pulled me through so much. I won’t allow myself to be underestimated again. Looking down on the world seeing what the demons have done I will fight in this battle I won’t let them down ever again.
I heard Hawk yell charge and I dove down to the battle…the final battle. As I flew down I took on my true form. Both my eyes went black, my legs turned to a ghost like tail, wings like a white birds rose out of my back, and the power I had taken from the sprits of the people my demon eye had killed.
I dove through the mass of flying demons, and was ambushed by Dorona. I fought her only briefly before I blew her head of with one blast. Then I charged as much spirit power as I could and created giant shurikens. I threw them into the heart of each swarm killing any and all demons I could.
I looked over to the right and saw that Croc and Wolf were working together. Looking to the left I saw Hawk in his full form. He was fighting Reaper again! But I know I can’t interfere there.
I stopped throwing shurikens and charged all the power I could to my hands and shot a beam of power at the demons swarming toward Hawk and Reaper. I couldn’t intervene with Hawk but I could keep his battle between him and his father.
After blowing back the demons Hawk had killed Reaper and was by the Lord. I knew what he was about to do he had told me earlier but I still cried for my love. This war had brought us together and here at the end it would tear us apart… “Goodbye my love,” was all I could say.
I watched as he flew into the Devil’s chest swirling it in as if a tornado had sucked inward into the Devil’s heart.
The war was over we had won the Lord killed the Hell child and the book and opened the bottomless pit sending all the demons into it.
I went over to where Hawks body laid and cried for I had lost the one I truly loved.

“You know Alex you… can bring him back…”


Here now I see what we were always fighting for looking down on earth and seeing what the demons have done I know now what we have to do even if it means sacrificing our lives this will end here and now.
“Wolf I have a plan for this,” Croc told me as he whispered to me his plan for our survival in Armageddon.
“Brilliant Croc let’s go then!”
As we flew down toward the demons, I began to spin wile falling lighting myself on fire to become a comet crashing down to earth, to my right Croc had done the same with his lightning. We would be making an impact for sure.
We crashed into the earth creating a shock wave killing most of the demon’s front lines, and then Croc and I got up quickly standing back to back. Using fire from my hands and mouth and Croc doing the same with his lightning we had our crater covered in lightning and fire. This was our part in this battle. Demons swarmed into the crater from all sides by the thousands we just spun around and around creating a rotation of fire and lightning together we were unstoppable. But as I knew this would be over quickly soon after Hawk kills Reaper again… he said he would take his own life to kill the Devil. I tried to convince him there was a better way to end Armageddon but he insisted that this is how it would end.
The next thing I knew there was a loud noise coming from Crocs side of the rotation I looked over my solder at Croc and he fell with a demons claws ripped into his chest. I blasted the demon stood over Croc and lit my entire body on fire as demons swarmed in the crater. Just as them demons reached me I sent a wave of fire out of me as hot as a supernova I created an even bigger crater and had blasted all demons within 100,000,000 miles from me it will be a wile before any reach the edge of this crater. Croc was down I had to protect him. But I was wrong at the edge of the crater was Scelotorth my mother. I was about to fight but that’s when I saw it…Hawk flying like a human bullet toward the Devil…I looked away this fight was over. I howled as the darkness faded and the light came out the world fixed itself beneath me and the bottomless pit opened up and all the demons that remained were thrown in. I looked over to where Scelotorth was at the edge of the crater and there was a woman were the demon once stood. I walked over to where she lay she looked up at me and said, “Thank you my son you have freed me from the curse that the reaper had put me under.”
I and my mother went to find Alex…and I saw that she was crying by Hawk’s dead body. I placed my hand on her shoulder and said, “You know Alex you… can bring him back…him and Croc.”


I know I am not the brightest of the demon slayers but I know how Wolf and I will survive Armageddon, “Wolf I have plan for this,” I said as I started to whisper my idea into his ear.
“We dive down on earth and spin wile falling using our powers to be two great meteors we land in the same spot to make a creator then we stand back to back and spin wile using our powers and destroy all demons we can.”
“Brilliant Croc let’s try it then!”
We dived down using our powers as planed the crater we created was huge as we spun shooting our power of fire and lightning from our hands and our mouths we had crated out rotation. As we spun around and around and around, I began to get dizzy my lightning got weaker making a perfect entrance for a demon. The next thing I knew a demon was on me as we still spun everything went black I knew the demon had got me. This was the end.
The next thing I knew I was in a black realm souls were everywhere screaming I was there for about an hour as far as I could tell but I was never good with time.
Then I saw a bright light pulling me toward it I though this is the end of me…

…then I saw Alex standing over me with Hawk and Wolf I stood up and they all hugged me saying that I had fallen in Armageddon but Alex had revived me.


I looked up to the sky were the darkness had opened up into a bright light. This must mean the battle was about to begin. Hawk would be coming with all of the others of the demon slayers I have killed. I had to end myself here though for this would not be the final battle, I know I will die here today for in death I can revive myself and all demons that die today.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t give Hawk Hell before I die. I fought and killed some of the demon slayers that attacked me when I heard, “HEY REAPER,” I looked over to see my son, “Let’s end this Here and Now!”

He withdrew his blade and pulled out my old scythe. This would be interesting. As Hawk and I collided we set of explosions. Again and again we clashed. I lit my full darkness power as took down my hood and opened my robe. Hawk’s hair spiked up as he lit his inner light around him. We clashed a few more times then our scythes hooked onto each other he quickly pulled on his scythe throwing me into the earth below us. I let my darkness around me go out as I fell.

“This is over father!” he yelled coming down on me.

I relit my darkness at the last possible second and raised my scythe to intercept his.

“No son this isn’t over in till you die!” I said.

He grabbed my scythe just below the blade and I knew I had lost. I let go and finished me of…for now at least.

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