Hawk (chapter 11: the book of hell)

November 15, 2010
The day has come the army of God stood behind me as we waited for the decent order to attack the demons that had token over earth. As I looked upon earth I saw the demons had not lied to me Reaper and all of the demons I had vanquished from the face of the earth were back waiting for us to descend upon the earth to fight the final battle of Armageddon. The earth itself was torn apart fire burned the entire ground.

I turned to the army that was about to give their lives to open the bottomless pit to finally be rid of all demons and create peace.

“Upon this day we are about to be part of the greatest battle in history. Hell has risen to the earth and they think they can defeat us! They have waited all their meaningless lives for this moment and we are the ones chosen to face them in the greatest battle of all. Together we can send them crawling back to Hell and bring the roof down on top of them! Together we sand tall and unified we can defeat any opponent that before us. Together we can win! Now for all the world and Heaven charge!”

We dove down onto the sea of demons that waited on the earth first several flying demons attacked us there we thousands but they all were the same…to kill them all I had to find the source. There in the back a larger one waited that had to be the origin of the swarm. I sliced my way through the demons to the original and took it’s head of. All the others disappeared in a cloud of dust. To easy. But this was only the beginning.

The other angels were in combat with the demons they knew the weakness to. Slash came flying out of the chaos at me I ducked under him grabbed it by the neck and shattered his claws. His eyes went dark as I flung the body away. Alex was being attacked by Dorona as Croc was fighting Snake. Alex blew Dorona’s head off and Croc was able to blast Snake’s emblem. I remembered my fight against Reaper and lit my inner light around me as I had then my horns grew out of my head and my eyes went red with my swords swarming in the powers of light, darkness, fire, and lightning, I dashed through the hoards of demons diminishing entire demons with one swipe of my blade. I laughed demonically as I crushed every demon in my sight. Then I saw him…Reaper! He was doing the same as I was to the angels he had his power around him and a new scythe in his hand.

“HEY REAPER!” I yelled at the demon, “Let’s end this…Here and now!”
I withdrew my black blade and took out the scythe that I had kept from our last battle. Explosions went off as we collided again and again. Fire rained down on the others battling against the armies of Hell. Many were being killed on both sides no one was safe. Reaper and I smashed into each other for the 12th time and our scythes hooked each others and I pulled with all my might to send Reaper like a comet into the ground.
As he flew to the ground, the darkness that surrounded him and granted him power had vanished. I ran at him at full speed to intercept and kill him.

“Now it ends, father!” I yelled as I was about to crush his skull for the last time. At the last possible moment his scythe stopped mine.

“No Hawk this isn’t over until you die!”

I grabbed his scythe and removed it from his hands and used both scythes to crush his skull. I had my revenge at last but this war was far from over.

The earth started to rumble and shake as Hell opened up on earth on top of a hill. Out of the fire came a child maybe 13 years old. The child’s eyes were like that of a demon. In his hands, he had a red book…I know who this is. Uncle told me stories of this child. The Hell child demon creator, the red book of hell can only be used by a child for when that child draws a demon he takes a soul out of Hell and brings that demon to life.

He had already been changed by the book’s power. He had on black shoes, black jeans, and black turtle neck sweater. The neck of the sweater rose up over his face so that only his eyes were visible.

The child looked out at the army of Heaven and looked back at the army of Hell, “You have come in vain,” the child said as he raised the book above his head, “Our master the Devil himself shall Rise Here!”

With that said he opened the book and a beam of darkness rose out of it. God came out of Heaven…we knew then who it was coming out of the Darkness.

“Finally free of that wetched place! This begins my world!”
The demons behind the Devil charged at us again in an attack formation.

I flew at the incoming demons and with one swipe destroyed their front line of at least 10000 demons. This was only the beginning.

“Destroy them!!!” I screamed as the army of Heaven took after my lead.

I ran in the demon swarm and killed thousands at once but it never seamed enough…the book must be the key I thought. I slashed my way through the vast numbers of demons toward the hill the Hell child stood. I was at the hill in a matter of seconds. I lunged at the book still in the child’s hand when I was slammed backwards. The Devil had stopped me from getting the book.

If I can destroy an entire hoard of demons with on swipe, I could kill the Devil if I had only a little more power. This was my destiny I have to sacrifice myself to kill the Devil…
I looked up at God standing over me.
“My Lord I know how to end this! Put some of your power in me and throw me at the Devil! I can end this. When he is down destroy the book!”
“You may not survive a direct attack on the Devil. Are you sure you wish to go through with this?”
“Yes,” this would end my life I was sure but I had to do this in order to save everyone. God picked me up charged his power into me charging it with mine and shot me into the Devil blade first.
I felt bones crack and flesh rip as I sank into the Devil the next thing I knew everything was dark. I could hear screaming off in the distance this must be the eternal resting place of those who died in Armageddon. But it didn’t last long I saw a light that pulled me toward it and then…

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