Hawk (chapter 10: armageddon begins)

November 15, 2010
After climbing up the long tunnel up back to earth everything was chaos. The ground was awake with earthquakes; fire burned all over the ground, demons fled the hole of witch we just came out of.

Back in hell the giant gates turned to dust, demons ran out in hoards as all the fires of Hell came out with them. Burning everything with them on their way. Endless streams of fire and screaming souls burst out after the demons.

Time had sped up as we came out of the tunnel this was the beginning of the end. We had to get out of the way.

“Hawk, what is this?”

“Armageddon, Wolf! The end of days has begun and the world we fought for against demons is coming to an end. Soon all the demon’s we have vanquished from this earth will rise again gaining in strength and start a war with the armies of Heaven. We only need now is to wait for our judgment weather we will stay on earth or rise to the sky.

A light shown down from the sky and took us into the unknown.
The next thing I knew I was in a peaceful place kids were running around and playing everyone seemed to glow in happiness. Alex came over to me and removed the hair from her face. Her eye was not demented.

“What happened?” I asked rising up.

“You don’t know? Silly we are at peace until Armageddon begins. We are in Heaven and here there is no damnation that curses us. You have a normal hand now no more Hawk see?”

“I’m glad…I don’t know how to explain it…”

“Then don’t try now we are here together, for now and until Armageddon.”

Soon this war will end, I have counted the days of peace and tomorrow they end. I will finally rid the world of all demons and bring this war to an unstoppable end. I went to get Croc and Wolf together the three of us would go to the Lord and ask for our demon powers back so that we would be ready for Armageddon.

On our way Alex ran up behind us wearing her old demon slayer uniform, “You guys aren’t getting away that easily without me!”

“Are you sure Alex…that you want that power back?”

“Absolutely, Hawk I can do more than you know with my powers.”

“Then it is settled we shall go to God for our powers back to use in the battle to come.”

As we walked, Alex sighed a lot and kept saying how she wishes that this peace could last forever although we all knew it would not.

Soon we were before the Lord to ask for our powers back.

“So you have come to reclaim your demon sides?” The Lord said with a voice like thunder as he rose before us, “If I grant you your demon sides back you may never return to as you are now. For I have taken them once and I can not take them back twice. Is this something you wish?”

“Yes,” we all said immediately.

A darkness consumed us for a minute and when we saw the light again we had our old uniforms and our powers again.

“You have become the dark side of my armies may your powers lead us to victory.”

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