Hawk (chapter 9: hell's gate)

November 15, 2010
I ran through the portal to Hell to see Alex knocked out on the ground, “Alex!” I yelled, “Are you o.k.?”

“I’m fine, Cerberus is strong…Wolf is still in there!”

“Are you ready Croc?”

“We just leave her here?”

“It’s all we can do now.”

We descended down into the dark cavern leading to the Gates of Hell. We could hear the screams of the tortured souls of Hell longing to get a second chance on earth. Everything was dark and there was no light to be seen until we reached the end of the tunnel. Huge rusted gates stood bar to bar with a lock at the center. Behind the gates demons and souls tried to wriggle there way out all at once. Thousands of demons there at my sight, with the fires of Hell leaking out around them in a blaze of fire and blood. Many of them cheering on Cerberus as he fought Wolf. Wolf sent fire ball after fireball from his mouth and hands at Cerberus. I saw that with each fireball the creature flinched but his power wasn’t enough something else besides fire was needed.
Cerberus slashed at Wolf with it’s claws long and bloody, Cerberus caught Wolf at the stomach sending him flying back toward Croc and I.
“Croc sent a lightning bolt at Cerberus and don’t hold back.” I said.
Croc charged a beam of lightning with all four hands and blasted Cerberus. Cerberus howled in pain but didn’t fall.
“Wolf, can you still fight?”
“I’ve been hit with a lot more than that Hawk I can get him.”
“Then the both of you charge a beam at Cerberus and combine them as they hit him. Do not use your full power because if this fails we may need you to use this again.

They charged a beam together of fire and lightning and aimed toward Cerberus. The beam hit Cerberus in his middle head. The demon again howled in pain but only got more infuriated. The demon charged a beam of darkness in all three of it’s mouths the demon sent the blasts at Wolf, Croc and, I we all dodged the blasts but we still needed to find what was missing to kill this beast….THAT’S IT!
“Wolf, Croc, come over here!” I yelled as they dodged Cerberus’s blasts.
“What is it, Hawk?” they both asked as they came over to me.
“I know how to kill Cerberus…”
“Wolf, Cerberus was Reaper’s pet right?”
“Yes, I had to fight Reaper a few times I came down here.”
“So would the scythe,” I said pulling out my father’s weapon, “be the missing peace to killing Cerberus? Quickly charge all you have into this and hope I’m right.”
“You kept the scythe?”
“Yes, and we have to strike now.”
“What if you’re wrong?”
“The scythe can kill anything it made with the right conditions, fire and lightning formed together by the scythe created Creberus it can kill him too. So don’t hold anything back!”
Bright flashing yellow and blazing red came together on the scythe’s blade as they charged their powers into it.
“What if this doesn’t work Hawk?”
“Then we all die!”
“Great! Good to know.”
“All right, Hawk, go now!”
I flew toward the creature and slammed the blade into his back slicing through it’s heart. Darkness fled from the demon’s dead body as it’s soul was destroyed forever.

None of us realized it until it happened but we had just killed a demon, we didn’t just send it back to Hell because we are in Hell we killed it for good. We have become a team…

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