Hawk (chapter 6: a new war rises)

November 15, 2010

I thought that after Reaper’s death I would be happy that this endless war would be over…I was wrong. Now I see my true destiny. I am a demon slayer. This is who I am. I thought I would be at peace. But I have learned that chaos is all I know…


I moved Alex behind me and yelled in to the night, “Who’s there?”

“Withdraw your blade, Hawk. I am not your enemy,” the voice was deep and seemed lost.

I withdrew my blade, but had it at the ready in case of attack. I looked to where the voice came from and a figure rose out of the darkness. The figure was a wolf-human like creature. It’s claws were long and sharp and it’s teeth endless in it’s mouth. It’s eye’s were those of a demon’s, glowing in the night.

“Why are you here brother?” Alex said from behind me.

“Alex? Why you little creature,” the creature revealed it’s self from the darkness. It was a wolf, it’s fur black as the bottomless abyss. “Why did you run away, Cerberus would be dead if we had worked together!”

“I couldn’t take the stress any more!!! The endless fighting and you and Croc’s ideas of war and pain! And even so in my past condition!”

I drew my blade and forced it in the ground and made the earth shake. “Stop fighting! What ever happened in the past is done! Now,” I brought my sword to the wolf’s neck, “Who are you? And what in Hell are you two fighting about?”

“My name is Wolf, I am a half demon like you, and so is Alex. I have started a demon slaying team called the Red X. Your uncle used to be apart of it but he left to raise you. He told me to seek you out when you got older. Mean while a two months after you were born, Alex was born. I had to steal Alex from our mother and I raised her.”

Wolf started to look around, “We must go to our headquarters there you can meat Croc,” he looked over to Alex and angrily said, “And I’ll deal with you.”

I brought my sword down from it’s neck and withdrew it. Later we made it to the Red X headquarters.

“Croc! Come out here!”

Out of a pool rose another half demon that seemed like a demon, “What Wolf? You know I need to sleep!”

“So you don’t want to know Alex is back?”

“Alex! I didn’t see you there,” Croc took a step towards Alex and I moved between them.

The half demon was just as his name sounded. He was a four armed crocodile/human.

“Who are you,” Croc said raising his fists at me.

“I am Hawk; Wolf has told me you are Dorona’s son.”

He stopped and put his fists down and bowed, “So you have killed mother. I was not able to find her weakness myself. Thank you.”
“No need for thanks, demons are demons and they must all fall back to the flaming abyss of whitch they came.”

“I agree…so Alex what are you doing here?” he asked stepping past me.

I started the fire in my hand and stepped in front of him again, Alex had a scared look in her eye as she saw Croc.

“Get out of my way Hawk!”

“Why don’t you make me Croc?”

He cracked all his knuckles and his neck and said, “I will.”

Lightning started to emerge from his hands. Al he shot at me with them missing every shot, “Your aim needs work crocodile!”

I stopped and aimed at him and shot a single bolt nailing him in the chest.

“You could work on dodging too.”

“Enough! I didn’t bring ether of you here to fight!” Wolf yelled, “Now Croc you and Hawk must get along and you know why!”

“Yes, Wolf I know.”

“Now Hawk. You remember Shadow swamp. There is a new demon there by the name of snake. Snake is a traitor to us. He left the Red X to follow a demon he loved…Dorona. Reaper granted his wish and turned him into a demon making Croc ¾ demon. Now we need your demon expertise to kill his father and mine.”

“Your father?” I asked.

“Yes, my father Cerberus. Alex and I will attack Cerberus as you fight with Croc against Snake.”

“Fine but you need to explain this situation more to me or I will not be able to help.”

“Right, then we will tell you our stories the tomorrow we fight the demons.”

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