Hawk (chapter 4: a nightmare to end my fear)

November 15, 2010
By Hawk1164 GOLD, Minier, Illinois
Hawk1164 GOLD, Minier, Illinois
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"Even in the greatest darkness of our minds, hearts, and souls, love can allways be a light to break the shadow over us.

“Yes, Hawk before you is your brother Nightmare.”

I have seen this demon before, but how? This is the first time I’ve met him? No…I know who he is now, as a child I always had the same nightmare every night. Reaper had been collecting the souls of the worst people in the world. He had been turning them into some creature…could that have really happened?

“Hawk are you thinking what I am? I think I have seen this demon before…in my nightmares at the hospital.”

“I have seen those nightmares as well Alex and I believe you can help me with this one.”

“You’ve come for nothing but the death of yourself and of Alex demon slayer!” the demon screamed. It’s voice was odd as if it wasn’t just one voice but a thousand tortured voices from Hell.

Suddenly it grasped the grey gas under it and turned it’s hands over the cloud until it formed a ball. Nightmare clutched the ball and said, “What are you afraid of, Hawk?”

I didn’t understand the question why would he suddenly ask what I’m afraid of?

“If you won’t tell me then I’ll just find out!” he yelled as he brought the ball above his head and hurled it at me. I drew my blade and tried to cut the ball but it just stuck and came for me.

Suddenly I was in total darkness. Only a small red light illuminated the space within a small circle around me. My mother, uncle, and Alex came out of the darkness. There shadows created a triangle around me. My mother and uncle took a step toward me and turned to dust and faded away. Alex took a step to me and I jumped to her grabbed her arm and said, “Not you too.”

As she turned to ash and dissolved like the others. Nightmare came out of nowhere, “So this is what you’re afraid of Hawk? Now I’ll just leave you here to torture yourself until you die! Then I’ll kill your little girlfriend.”

The demon tried to fly away but I grabbed it by the dark orb that was it’s head and said, “Fear is only what you let it become.” As I crushed the demon’s skull; everything went back to the mountain range. Alex was beside me, the mountains were back to there normal color, the moon was out and the stars shone brightly, but something was wrong…someone screaming. I glanced around me. It was Nightmare!

“How did you get out? You should be dead!”

“I told you Nightmare I didn’t let fear control my mind and did exactly as I wished. I crushed you!”

As I finished I leaped at Nightmare blade drawn, and hand burning. I swung my flaming hand at the demon and cut right threw it. It was like cutting air and I had thought I killed the creature. I was wrong. I turned to see my diminished adversary but Nightmare still lived…how?

I ran at the creature as it flew away from me. I cut and burned the thing but it would not die! Then the creature stopped and let me cut and cut it, but still it would not die!

Suddenly he formed another one of his dark spheres and lunged at me with it. I lit my hand on fire and lunged back. As my fire and his darkness clashed, I saw my mother and uncle, my entire life and all that I love flashed before me. I knew I could not give up on them again!

The darkness and fire exploded sending us both on opposite sides of the valley.

“Give up, Hawk,” Nightmare said, “You can’t kill me. I am not a demon like our father. I am only many souls of the underworld put together.”

“I might not be able to kill you but pulling your souls apart would!”

“How do you presume you can do that my brother?”

“Alex now!”

Nightmare had fallen for it. He looked back into Alex’s demon eye, which pulls the souls out of any one who looks into it. Since Nightmare was made out of souls, it ripped him apart.

A light formed at the center of Nightmare and tore the souls out of him. One thousand souls flew in all directions and then were pulled back into the ground and went to hell were they came from.

“We did it, Hawk, we killed it!” Alex screamed as she embraced me.

“But…unfortunately it isn’t over, Alex. As long as Reaper lives this shall never be over. Where did that coward go?”

We looked around but Reaper was no where to be seen.

“Hawk, over here!” Alex yelled, “I found where Reaper went!”

The author's comments:
the demon in this chapter nightmare represents the nightmare that is this life.

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