Hawk (chapter 3: hell hound)

November 15, 2010
I hate Uncle’s old chopper, but that has been the only way from place to place for me but finally here I am Cavern Valley in the Himalayan Mountains. The mountains surround me on all sides…and Reaper could be hiding in any one of the caves in them.
“Reaper show yourself!!!”

“Calm down child I am here and so is your little girlfriend.”

“Stop with these games, demon! Fight me yourself!!!!”

“Now what would be the fun in that? You haven’t even seen your challenge yet.” Suddenly the ground started to shake all around us. A huge fissure opened up in front of me as flames seeked a way out of the ground. A demon rose from the fire and stood before me as the fissure closed. The demon was a giant bone hound, “This is Scelotorth,” Reaper said to me, “Defeat her and you will see your next challenge.”

“You coward stop hiding behind these demons and fight me yourself!”

The demon Scelotorth rose up to charge at me and I immediately saw it’s weakness. There was a heart between it’s first two ribs. Bull’s-eye, this was not a challenge. The demon might as well beg me to kill it.

Scelotorth charged at me head first guarding it’s heart. I jumped over and it hit a mountain. Scelotorth ripped her head out of the mountain and turned top face me. Scelotorth brought her head up and blasted fire right at me. This is too easy; I cut through the fire with my sword. I cut my way through fireball after fireball, it was weak but she was persistent. Then I made my mistake. I was moving my hand so much I had put my human hand out to take a blast. This might be the end. I felt the fire but I wasn’t burning. I looked up and saw my hand had caught the fire. Uncle never told me I could control fire! Now it had this demon. I threw the fire back at the demon cashing into her skull. Then I lit my hand on fire again and dived through another fireball; striking her heart. Scelotorth’s eyes went dark for the last time. The fissure opened up again dragging the beast back into Hell.

“Reaper I have completed your challenge! Come and fight me yourself!!!”

“All in good time,” Reaper said as he came out of the portal to Hell, “Your challenge is not complete. You still need to meet the rest of our family!”

Did he say there are more like me? “As your next challenge Hawk, you get your little girlfriend back as I promised.”

Alex came running down from the cave behind Reaper. When she got to me we embraced as if we would never see each other again, “How…pathetic. You have grown weak from your love for this other half demon! Nightmare, come meet your brother Hawk.” Suddenly the sun eclipsed and darkness seeped over the valley. The mountains turned blood red, as a demon rose out of a cavern. It was a simple looking demon a black ball flowing by a grey gas, it’s hands hovered by it’s side. What was this disfigured creature from Hell? The demon Reaper called Nightmare.

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