Close Call

November 17, 2010
It smelled like the ocean, warm sun shining through the glass window that was directly above my bed, you could feel the ocean breeze coming from the porch right outside my room. I slowly began to wake up then I heard a knock on the door.

Growing up in Los Angeles was the best thing that possible could of happened to me. I had a great family, my mom and dad weren't divorced, aunts and uncles that actually wanted something to do with me and my parents. Life was great. I was popular in high school. Now when you think of popular, most people think of cheerleaders or drama queens, but I wasn’t a cheerleader or a drama queen I was just a girl who was in love with art. I’m not a geek, and when I say art I mean design. When I was a little girl maybe seven or eight my aunt Crystal, who I called aunt Krissee took me to this house she had been hired to design. It was amazing. I will never forget the sign that you could almost see a mile away it said Black and White. Now it didn’t just say black or white because that was the name of rode or street. The whole house was literally black and white. The couches; the tables; the beds; everything it was the coolest thing I had ever seen. Ever since that day I have wanted to be an interior decorator like my aunt.

I am now twenty-two years old. Loving life. Last spring I had finished four years of college. I went to Kaplan college in Sacramento. It was a great experience. I live in a apartment in Los Angeles with my boyfriend Kyle. I met Kyle in high school and we have been dating ever since. (He’s a cutie) He has blonde hair and blue eyes, and he’s tall. He works for the company I work for, but in the delivering department. That’s great for me, he’s always there to move all of the furniture in the houses I work on.

I want to start my own interior decoration business, but I thought it was best that I start out slow. My aunt Krissee offered me a job at her company and I took it. My first day is in two weeks. Her company is called L.A. Design. It’s the most popular interior decoration company in California.

Kyle and I have lived together for about a two years now, while I was at school he would go to work, it worked out pretty great. He has always supported me in everything I did. Now I see him even more than I did then, every day at work.

Two weeks went by really fast. Today was my first day on the job. My aunt now my boss, showed me my office and told me my first job. I had to go down two floors from where I worked onto the photography floor. My instructions were to arrange a blue couch for a magazine cover. It was kind of plain. It was supposed to show of the shape of couch not a color. I looked at the couch for a moment. I decided to flip the couch on its side instead of just straight up to show the different shape. My aunt came in and said,


I guess that’s not sarcastic because she seemed very excited about what I had come up with. There were some black curtains, they almost looked like a long scarf. So I grabbed them and brought them over and started draping them over the side of the couch. Crystal had a huge smile on her face and so did the photographer. I was thrilled. The magazine will be printed in a week. I can’t wait.

Weeks have pass, I was starting to become very popular at work. Promotion day was coming up. I didn’t think much of it because I had just started working there so I wasn’t looking for any type of promotion. There was a meeting being held in the conference room at two o’clock and everyone was expected to go. They will be announcing this seasons colors and major designs and also who is being promoted.

Two o’clock came fast everyone was waiting anxiously in the conference room. We were all chit chatting when Crystal walked in. She was very easy going, but today something was up. She clapped her hands twice, we all looked up.

“Listen up people, today hasn’t been my greatest day so don’t ask many questions. Megan you are now manager, you will be working close with Kelly. Josh you are now going to be taking Megan's place running most of the photo shoots. This is not a favoritism thing its just the way things need to go.” Most of the staff really wanted to know what the design we were going by this season was, but Crystal didn’t mention it, nobody wanted to get on her bad side today so nobody spoke up.

Kyle and I are looking to move into a new house, our apartment is just to small now. So today we went out looking for houses for sale. We came to a street called Ocean Drive. Just by looking at the outside of the house I knew it was the one. I’m almost positive that Kyle knew that to. He looked at my face and laughed.

“You like it.” Kyle said and smiled.

The front of the house had a balcony. Every room in the front of the house had a great view of the ocean. We walked into the two front doors, possibly the biggest doors I have ever seen. A warm breeze blew my hair back into my face. The spiral stair case, the massive chandelier, I could see everything. It was a vision in my head. I could picture all of the furniture in place. The kitchen was like the size of our old apartment it was absolutely a dream come true. I knew right then that this house was mine, and I didn’t care what the price was. It was mine.

Turns out this house is about three hundred thousand dollars. I swear I almost passed out.

“What! What! This is crazy!” My absolute dream house was twice what I was able to pay. The owner Bill Stevenson a nice man said that I could pay half only if I could help his niece become a designer. He also had another person who wanted to see the house so I jumped right to it and said, ?
“Yes sure I can get her a job!” Which I didn’t have a problem with because I am now manager. I was so happy I got my dream house. We are moving in, in a week. Well not quite yet moving in we have to get a bunch of furniture and all the appliances.

I told my aunt the next day at work, and to my surprise she was not mad that I said we could take an intern. She was actually really happy, because we have an assistant job open. My partner Kelly and I are assigned a house to design and get the furniture and drapes and electronics and everything else you would need in home. Kelly was driving so I didn’t know where the house we were going to be working in was. She said that I will love it.

“You will never believe what house I got assigned! Our new house! This is amazing. Now we don’t have to get all new furniture. I called Bill right when I got the house, I said thank you like a million times. He is rich and all so he could very easily afford it. He said he was very grateful that I got his
niece a job at the company, so you deserve it. Kyle do you know how great this is. Now I get to design our house the way we want it.”

“That’s great,” Kyle yelled! “Make it look good!”

Few weeks have passed. This is our first night at the house, we arn’t staying over night we are just getting used to it. It’s very empty right now and I can’t wait to start putting furniture and everything else in. I hope Kelly realizes that I want to take the lead on this one(only because it’s my new house.) Kyle and I went up stairs to see the view of the ocean. The master bedroom had a huge balcony. We walked out to see the beautiful sunset. The sky was a bright pink and light orange the sun looked as if it was just hitting sea level.

“I could really get used to this,” I said letting out a huge sigh.

“Yeah me too, said Kyle. “Well at least we are moving in, in two days.”

“Yeah. I said, I hope everything goes well.”

“Yay! Today is the day! All of the gorgeous furniture I picked out was arriving around 9 o’clock. The theme of the house is not black and white like the house my aunt was designing it was going to be a baby blue and a creamy brown color. I thought it was prefect for living along side the beach. My dreams were all coming true I have lived in L.A. all my life and now moving from a small apartment in Sacramento to this amazing house. It has three floors, basement, first floor, and top floor. Plenty of space, we are even thinking about getting a dog.

The furniture arrived and I got Kyle and some of his buddies at work to help move the stuff in for me. It only took about 1 and a half hours to get all of the furniture into the house. From then on it took Kyle and I three hours to get everything in the places we needed it to be. Tonight would be the night that we would stay in our new house for the first time.

It smelled like the ocean, warm sun shining through the glass window that was directly above my bed, you could feel the ocean breeze coming from the porch right outside my room. I slowly began to wake up, noticing that Kyle was already gone to work, then I heard a knock on the door. My heart started to beat faster and faster and I didn’t know whether to answer the door or not. I didn’t know who it could be maybe it was the movers, maybe they forgot to drop off something? Maybe it was my aunt, maybe she wanted to see my new house? I didn’t know. I went straight to the balcony to see if i recognized the car... I didn’t... I decided I was going to just answer the door so I did. ?
“Hello, i’m guessing your Megan.”

“Yeah that’s me.” I said in a shaky voice. I wanted to say what do you want! But I didn’t. “Can I help you” I said in the politest voice I possibly could have.

“I was just dropping by to see if you were really taking the offer on this house.”

“Yeah, I am practically moved in already,” I said.

“Well I see that, but I’m willing to offer you three thousand dollars to by it from you.”

I could see he really wanted the house, but he looked rich as it is and it didn’t seem like he needed the house so I said,

“No thanks I’m already very happy here and this is my absolute dream house.”

“We will see about that, I will be back.” He said in a very scary voice.
I just shut the door. I didn’t think much of what he said, but Kyle did when I told him later that night. ?
“Hey, Kye, so something pretty interesting happened to me today.”

“Really what was it.”

“Well I woke up and saw that you were gone to work and then I heard a knock on the door so I got up and answered it. It was the man that had also put an offer on the house and he was very upset that he didn’t get it. So he was trying to get me to sell it to him and I said no thanks we are happy here, then he said, we will see about that, I will be back. It was really weird.

“Maybe we should call Bill and tell him about this.” Kyle said sounding concerned.

“Why, what do you think he will do.” I replied

“I’m not sure, I think you should, call Bill I think he will call this guy up and tell him it’s already a done deal.”

“Okay I will later.” I said.

Later that night Kyle and I were sitting on the couch watching tv when we heard banging up stairs. Kyle ran up stairs, then I heard a gun shot.

“O my gosh, Kyle.” I thought in my head. I didn’t want to scream because I didn’t need whoever was up there to come and get me.

I grabbed a base ball bat from behind our front door and ran up stairs. I was trying to be as quite as I could. I got up the stairs and saw a man he looked strangely like the man that had come to the house earlier. MY GOODNESS IT WAS HIM. When he said he would be back he really meant it. I crept into the bathroom that was connected to the bedroom he was right there facing the ocean I came up behind him and smacked him with the bat he fell to the ground. I called the police right after. It seemed like it took them two hours to get there, but really only five minutes. Kyle was in pain, but it wasn’t that severe.

Kyle had gotten shot in the right shoulder. It wasn’t going to kill him, he was just out of work for a while. Everything would be okay. The freak that was willing to kill, to get this house was in jail for the rest of his life. I was extremely happy he needs to get a life. To bad he can’t now. Haha

Anyway me and Kyle got married three years after that. We are very happy in our new house and hopefully we will always be.

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toots4 said...
Nov. 21, 2010 at 9:38 am
Great story! I enjoyed reading it. looking forward to more!
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