The lich king

November 9, 2010
By Eduardo Rodriguez BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
Eduardo Rodriguez BRONZE, St. Louis, Missouri
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As the mace crashed down on Arthas’s Fel Iron Armor, He laughed because Arthas was actually letting His opponent think that he was winning. But the next time his opponent would attempt to smash him he would easily side step and lunge… right into his kidney impaling his lung and finally obliterating his heart.

Arthas had been very sad for days. He hadn’t enjoyed having to take Jung ju’s soul but it was inevitable. Since Jung had been possessed by the evil sorcerer, Medivh, the reaping of the souls had started to take on a life of its own because when ever Medivh steals some ones soul an event called The reaping of the souls begin because a long time ago when Medivh had been a young man. He had a wife just like most of the poor young warriors, only that wife, was the god of magic Malygos’s daughter and as Malygos slowly started to realize the found out he had become enraged and when the god of magic becomes enraged he starts to shoot out bolts of Soul Fire which is a fire that burns entirely on mortal souls and when he found out that Medivh had married his daughter right in his Most powerful shrine. He had gotten so angry that all the magic in the universe had started to get way out of control. When ever a druid would cast a healing spell it would be reversed so that it would actually started to grow thorns into his vital organs. When ever a mage would cast fire spell it would freeze his casting in mid-cast. Finally when ever a Priestess would try to smite a foe she would only end up healing the foe and smiting her-self. It’s a very sad event when ever the reaping of the souls would take place. Thousands of young Warriors would Lose there powers and slowly start to go insane or possibly died only those blessed by the gods would survive and keep there magic.

But Arthas had to what he had to do. Even if that meant taking his best friend’s Ka, as he progressed on defending his town and protecting the travelers. He had become an even greater Warrior/Warlock. He now had a daily routine. Everyday he would wake up make breakfast for him and his wife, get his armor on practice a few spells and techniques, Then would go around town making sure none of the stores had been robbed or hurt in anyway. But his magic had started to Protest against him every single time he tried to cast a spell. It was almost like as if malygos had possessed two souls. “Wait, I have been having a feeling as if there was but TWO souls that had been possessed but that couldn’t possibly happen” He yelled. “But I had made sure to injure THREE of his major internal organs plus fed his soul to my sword. HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN!” He couldn’t let this get the best of him. He was on his last task. So most likely he just had to cast a few fixing spells here and there to fix some broken windows and he would be go home and maul it over with Helen: his wife. She would know she always helped him with issues he couldn’t solve on his own. As Arthas walked along the forested road he started to try and focus all of his magic and might into a large rolling ball. But there was that everlasting Resistance. He had to go home. He couldn’t take it anymore, he was sweating, shaking, but worst of all he was horribly afraid of something. It was a terrible fear of something he had never even seen.

“Fine” he told him-self. He was worried that he was loosing his mind. But there is then again he had never been told what the symptoms were for the possession by Medivh. He had only been informed of the over-all effect of the possession… were the side-effects even worst then the over-all effect? Never mind, he just needed to get home. Ok just do the teleport and you’ll be fine… wait, if he was getting possessed. Was Arthas sure that he was the one telling him-self to us magic? If he wasn’t the voice talking then if he teleported then wouldn’t he teleported to some mysterious part of the world? Ok, what-ever ill just walk. He’ll just get some cardio in mage-style.

So as he walked into the door of the mage tower he noticed something different about the workplace, but it wasn’t physical that was bugging him of course he was working with 4 different lazy, penny pinching casters so that wasn’t very odd. But there was something wrong with the way the magic was flowing with in the walls and floor boards (they used magic to keep the bricks and floor boards together because it sealed tight and quickly but it also lasted for 8,000 years and kept the floor boards from creaking). Anyway there was a problem with the flow of the magic, it was flowing in reverse and he had heard something different about the sound of the wind blowing against the tower. Wait, how could there be wind blowing in a created alternate universe?

“Oh no” whispered Arthas. Has Medivh found and penetrated the magic barrier around the realm, If he has then the cause of the wind might be Medivh casting a tornado. Even if he was, it could be easily disposed of.

When he got home after dispelling the tornado, He consulted his wife Helen about if he might be possessed by Medivh.

“Helen”? Arthas murmured.

“Yes?” Helen replied.

“Do you think Medivh is powerful enough to possess two or more souls at once from a different dimension”?

“Possibly, but if he did why would he possess you and Jung”?

“Maybe because he knew that I would have a hard time defeating Jung. But he also might have been hoping that we would destroy each other so that he wouldn’t have to face off with the extra ordinary wizard plus the chief of staff”.

“That is a very good point but he should know already weather it be from dueling or from Rumor that I am much stronger then Jung.

So as Arthas and Helen Debate the reasons why and how medivhs’ possess multiple souls at once from another dimension. We can only wonder about many of the cataclysmic events to come…

The author's comments:
The Lich king, Malygos, and Medivh name rights belong to Blizzard

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