My Adventure

November 12, 2010
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The bright sunlight streamed in through my bedroom window. It was so bright it was almost blinding. In front of my eyes I saw the tiny dust particles floating around. Glancing at my iHome which now read 9:37, I realized that I had a soccer game at 10. I ran downstairs and quickly grabbed my soccer gear. After getting my gear I went to the bathroom to get changed. After finishing changing I ran out of the bathroom and took out a box of cereal and poured it into a bowl. I got milk out of my fridge and added it to the dry cereal in the bowl. I started shoveling the cereal into my mouth only stopping occasionally to swallow. Somehow finishing in maybe a minute or two I rushed outside to get to my soccer game.

I sprinted down my street because the soccer field was located at the bottom of my street. I looked at my phone; the digital time said 9:57. After arriving at the field I looked around surprised that nobody was there. After waiting for about half an hour nobody showed up. I started walking back home a different way then normal. This route was harder and longer. The first part of the route was the toughest because I was sandwiched between an eight foot tall chain link fence and a mass of thorn bushes. Moving carefully I tried to avoid the sharp thorns. I jerked my hand back as a thorn pierced into my left thumb. The skin around the cut was starting to get red and swollen and blood was slowly seeping out. I carefully extracted the thorn using my other thumb and index finger. I tossed the thorn away. Since the thorn was acting like a plug before, blood started squirting out of my finger. I put my soccer jersey over the cut and applied pressure hoping that the bleeding would stop. Finally, the bleeding stopped.

I continued my journey through the jungle of overgrown bushes, trees, and other unknown plants. The dead plants and leaves on the ground made crunching noises as my soccer cleats walked over them. Finally, I had reached the end of the thorn bushes. I was happy to be out of the mass of plants. I was in an open field filled with tall wild grass. The field looked like it stretched on forever. Many species of bugs zoomed around through the air. I started running because bugs always like to bite me. I could feel the mosquitoes on my arm trying to bite me, so I swatted the air around me hoping to scare them away. My pace got slower and slower as my energy depleted. Knowing I would have to stop running soon or I might collapse; I sat down and drank some water. A bead of sweat rolled off my forehead and onto my nose. It hung of the end of my nose for a few seconds before it plummeted to the ground. Suddenly, hearing rustling coming towards me I got up and ran.

A five foot long snake came out of the grass. The snake was definitely poisonous so I kept running until I was out of the field. When I got out of the field I laid down for what felt like forever. A small brick building was in front of me. The sign in front of the building said it was for sale and inside people were talking. Inside the building there were two guys wearing leather jackets and jeans. One had blue eyes and one had light brown eyes. They both were around average height.

Suddenly I slipped on a brick and fell.

“Hey someone’s outside,” one said.

I attempted to get up and run but it would be impossible to escape both of them especially if one of them had a weapon. One tackled me and slammed into the ground and I could see a red spot on my shirt getting bigger and could feel the warm blood on my skin. The robbers tied me up with thick nylon rope. When they finished tying me up I could barely move.

They disappeared for a few minutes. I started moving my hands back and forth a little hoping that the ropes would loosen and eventually slip off. After moving my hands for about an hour, the rope fell to the floor. Once my hands were free I started untying my legs. Finally, I was free. My wrists were bright red because the ropes had irritated my skin. I tried both doors in the room but they were both locked. They were locked from the outside so I was trapped.

I made a tower out of objects in the room. The chair was sturdy so I wasn’t worried that it would collapse. After using almost all the objects I had in the room my tower was about twelve feet tall. I began climbing the tower carefully so it didn’t fall. When I eventually reached the top I opened the latch on the window and pushed the window out as far as it would go. I hoisted myself out the window and was hanging there in a position I would be in while doing pull-ups. I let go of the window frame and fell to the ground. Suddenly, a dark Ford pick-up truck coming towards me so I hid in the shadows. In the drivers and passengers seat I saw the two robbers so I took out my phone and called 911.

The operator told me to wait there and they would be there as quick as they could. The robbers were waiting in there truck to see if the coast was clear. In the distance I heard the sound of a police siren. I hoped that the police were coming here. Suddenly, the blue and red of the police lights lit up the area around me. The police ran out of their car and pulled their guns out. The robbers knew they couldn’t escape so they came out of their truck with their arms behind their back. The officers put them in handcuffs and forced them into the back of their car. I was bruise and cut so the police called an ambulance which escorted me to the hospital. The doctor said I needed a lot of rest. The police dropped me off at my house and I took a shower, ate dinner, and went to bed.

The next morning I got up at the sound of what sounded like an explosion. I opened my curtains and looked at my window. Far away I saw smoke in the sky and could hear the sirens going to the site. I quickly got dressed and got on my bike and rode to the site of the explosion. I saw that the site of the explosion was a supermarket. I walked up to the nearest policeman and asked him what happened. He told me that there had been a gas leak and then somebody dropped a still light cigarette which caused the gas to light on fire and explode. Since I wasn’t allowed to see what happened I started to go back home.

I was riding my bike on the sidewalk when suddenly a ninja jumped down out of a tree right in front of me. I was going fast so I accidentally hit him with my bike. I skidded to a stop and saw him get up. The ninja pulled out a bamboo stick. He swung it at my head but luckily I ducked. He was off balance so I grabbed his stick and started beating him with it. I kept beating him until the stick broke in half. Even though I had beaten him badly he still got up. So while he was still on the ground I grabbed one of his nunchucks and started hitting him on the head. He eventually became unconscious and I left him there.

But unknown to me his partner was in a tree waiting to beat me up. His partner jumped down and whacked me on the head. I fell to the ground and that was all I could remember.

I finally regained consciousness I concluded that I was in some type of work van. The only light was coming from the stars. Suddenly the van lurched to a complete stop. The ninjas jumped out and opened the sliding door. I fell out on my back. Sharp little rocks that dug into my back and I screamed in pain. One of them kicked me and told me to shut up.

They walked away into a little house and left me there. They didn’t tie me up so I ran to the little shed and opened the double doors. I slammed them shut and locked the heavy metal lock. On the floor there was a trapdoor so I lifted it up and jumped down into the darkness. I hoped that the pit would end and I wouldn’t die. I finally landed on something soft.

Suddenly the lights flickered on. The brightness burned my skin and my eyes. It made me sleepy so I fell asleep. While I was sleeping I was being transported to a jail cell in the basement. I finally woke up and scanned my new surroundings. I had no way to escape. I started screaming at the top of my lungs hoping someone would hear me. Finally a guard came. While he wasn’t looking I stole his keys. I inserted the key in the lock and the lock clicked open. I slowly pushed open the heavy door and started running. I didn’t stop running until I was above ground. I started running towards town. When I got there I was really tired. I sat on a park bench for a while to regain my energy. After regaining my energy I got up and went home. I started watching TV and fell asleep.

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