Dear Jack

November 13, 2010
Dear Jack

'If talking to yourself is the first sign of madness, what do you call writing dozens of fan letters to Jack the Ripper?'

No one mourns the wicked
No one cries ‘they won’t return’
No one lays a lily on their grave

If you had a grave I’d lay a lily on it.
Well, maybe. Not quite.
I’m big on symbolism and I know you were too. A lily symbolises peace and innocence. You certainly weren’t innocent, but I don’t mind. I respect you for that.
Maybe a black rose. Sweet, sentimental but disturbingly dark among it’s pale, flowering relations. Just like you were.
Okay, maybe I’m putting a little bit too much thought into’s not like I’ll ever actually go to your grave.
I’ll never see you either.
It’s hard to look at pictures too – you keep changing.
Nobody really knows who you are or why you did those things.
But I’m just glad you did, because really, it sets boundaries and examples for others just like you. Others that need to turn to you for guidance, because society is so warped now that there’s no help for people like me. No help except the suffocation of a padded room, or the cold, cool metal clink of handcuffs and chains. Or the static shiver of the Electric Chair.
Times have changed a lot, since you roamed this earth on the most tremendous killing spree the earth has ever faced, slicing apart your victims. It doesn’t really matter why you did it. Just how you never got caught. That’s what I need to learn. The dangers are intimately close and...
Damn. Damn. Biology homework is due for tomorrow and I’ve just remembered. That’s the problem with me; I’m always stuck in my imagination. They’re morbid thoughts, but they won’t let me go. I need them as much as they need me, I suppose.
Anyway, biology. It’s time to stop thinking about you, and to switch my mind onto much duller facts. To turn away from the chilling factory that is Jack, with its machines churning full of gore, and step into the daylight, where cloning and DNA rule.
But yeah, just to say...
If you had a grave, I’d lay a lily (or some sort of flower) on it. I’d pay my respects – I owe you so much. And I’d look at the grey stone embankment and look at the writing engraved on it. And it’d say,
Jack R.I.P

(to be continued) .... if you want xx

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