Hawk (chapter 2)

November 11, 2010
By Hawk1164 GOLD, Minier, Illinois
Hawk1164 GOLD, Minier, Illinois
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I remember this place…this is swamp where I first kissed her, this is the place I first found my father, this is the place he took her away from me. Alex, if only I were quicker I could have saved you. This swamp holds so many happy and sad memories to me.
I’ll never forget the first time I met Alex, Uncle only let me out on Friday nights. It was on my tenth birthday that he started to let me out I had grown restless cooped up in his basement from where I was raised and kept in. I was to stay in the shadows so no one could see me so I went through alley ways to see the city. I was sixteen when we met. I was wondering the alleys when I stopped to rest in the darkness between the children’s hospital and the orphanage little did I know that the alleyway was used as a passage between the two. A doctor came running out without glancing at me and ran into the orphanage. He and three others came out with a stretcher. The doctor said that they couldn’t get her to the top floor in time. I couldn’t just show myself to them, but there was a life on the line that I could save. I knew the top floor was the cancer center and I could help, I know the cure for it because cancer was a joke from a demon uncle and I had killed together. I thought they could find a cure soon after the demon was killed but some how it still was sending doctors curve balls from the truth. From Hell he was still messing with us on earth. But the truth was impossible for anyone else to find. I had tried to kill the demon for good and that would rid the world of the curse for good but that would mean going into Hell and taking him out witch was impossible. I had to step in. I through a knock out gas bomb into the tunnel between the buildings where the doctors and the girl was. Then quickly as I could I healed her and got her out of the gas. It took a lot of my energy to help but it was worth saving this girl’s life. The only cure for a demons curse is to kill the demon for good or to use another demon’s powers to reverse it.
I waited by her side in the next alley over. When she woke up she started to freak out saying that she was going to die. I waited for her to calm down. When she finally did calm down I took her hand to make sure she was o.k. and she said, “Am I dead? Where is this? Who are you?” She was freaking out again.
“I am Hawk. You’re not going to die. I have gotten rid of your cancer, so you’ll never have to worry about that again, what is your name?”
She looked frightened to speak but finally said, “My name is Alex…why did you save me? I don’t belong on this earth I’m different then them.”
“As am I,” I said showing her my hand, “What makes you different from the other humans?”
Alex and I were inseparable from that moment on we were both slightly demented. In till that night she was taken away by Reaper. Here at the place we met every Friday when uncle let me out.
Wait …what is that noise? I know that voice calling for help…Alex!!! Hold on, Alex. I’m coming.
Now I know where to go. If Alex is here I can find her. I stopped on the edge of the tree circle around the swamp and looked out to see my new opponent. By the tree were Alex was tied up a scaly swamp demon stood it was covered in green scales and had a trident that was black as the night. It was talking to Alex and said, “Yes, girl. Scream for your life.” it was odd it’s voice was not like other demons, it was almost girlish, “soon your old boyfriend Hawk will come running for you and come right into my trap.”
Not on my watch, this demon will never know what hit it. I leaped out of the tree silently and drew my blade as I swung down on the demon.
“HA!!! You fell for it, Hawk; you have dived into your doom.”
“Who are you and how did you get, Alex!”
“So Slash told you nothing…he must be dead. I am Dorona the lake demon!”
I turned Dorona and threw her across the lake. I quickly cut Alex out and told her to run. I had to get her to safety before I could find Dorona’s weakness. I clashed blades with the creature as sparks flew from out clashing blades. I threw Dorona again but this time it landed on it’s feet and shot lightning from it’s trident. I quickly dodged the bolt. This demon wanted to play with lightning I’ll show her lightning. We both shot and dodged the bolts as they flew everywhere. Suddenly Dorona stopped two feet away from me and took aim. I stopped and aimed at her.
We both shot lightning at each other at the same time before we knew what was happening there was huge mass of electrical energy around us. This was not good, any second the energy would be unstable and explode. I cut away from our blasting lightning and ran. Dorona had no time to react.
The energy exploded crushing any thing in it’s path. There is no way Dorona got out. I went back to where Dorona had exploded. Amazingly Dorona was still alive. But she was screaming. Her crown was stuck into the tree. “So that is your weakness demon!”
I smashed the crown from her head. The demon’s eyes went dark as flames ingulphed it back into Hell. The demon’s mark fell to the ground and I smashed it so that the demon known as Dorona may never return to earth.
Now I must find Alex. I ran through the forest trees looking for her. Alex, I won’t lose you again!

Then I heard a scream and I knew Alex was in trouble again.
I ran toward the voice, I will not lose her again. Suddenly I heard a voice whisper to me, “Hello Hawk long time no see.”
That was impossible. That couldn’t be…Reaper.
“What are you doing here?”
“No hello for your old man? Such a rude boy.”
“I’ll send you back to Hell!”
“Make one move and she dies.”
Reaper pointed over to a tree were Alex was pinned down by the scythe. I couldn’t let her die here.
“What do you want, demon!”
“Come to the Himalayan Mountains and if you can pass my test, you will have her back. Good bye, son.”
With that said Reaper left me alone again. I must get to the Himalayan Mountains.

The author's comments:
The demon in this is Dorona was created for my broken heart.

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