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November 10, 2010
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The rain was coming down hard, making it impossible to see twenty feet in front of me. I peered through the thick rain, squinting. “Where am I,” I thought as I ran across a flat surface, I looked in a puddle. “I am still Joe Tanner,” I said.
I reached the edge and almost tripped on the elevated surface. I looked down. I saw cars going across the street stepped back and ran across to the other side. There was another edge. I realized I was on the top of a building. I heard something, it sounded like my Dad. I sprinted to the voice where my Dad’s voice was coming from.

I saw a blurry figure laying down on the cement surface, it was my Dad. There were puddles of blood on the ground. As I ran through the slippery puddles of blood, I see another figure. There was a little shine in the other figures hand. It was a .44 Magnum. He grabbed my Dad and he punched him in the face.

Dad stood up and broke free. My Dad kicked at the gun. The gun flew out of the figures hand. It was hand to hand combat now. Dad did an upper cut jab to the ribs and broke some ribs. The figure was on the ground now. My Dad mounted him and kept punching him. Blood was draining in to the gutter. The water was over my shoes, that’s how high the water was. My Dad was still fighting; the figure was submerged under the water drowning. Then that’s when things went wrong. The figure quickly jumped up and stabbed my Dad. My Dad fell to the ground. I tried to scream but I couldn’t. The figure picked up the gun and shot him in the head.

I woke up. I was in my room. I opened my brown eyes wide. Why do I always get this dream, of my Dad dying like this? Some businessmen, whom he worked with, told me he had a heart attack. But, I knew something was wrong when I saw a .44 inch hole in his chest, at the funeral, the businessmen my dad worked with said it was a mistake a doctor made when they pronounced him dead. I was thirteen years old boy, when my Dad died, now I am fifteen years old.

I got out of my bed and threw my blanket across the room, and stared out my window to see my town called, Little River, in New Jersey. I walked into my bathroom and looked in the mirror. I have short brown hair, and I was 5’9. I brushed my teeth with my favorite Crest toothpaste. I walked downstairs to go eat my breakfast.

“Good morning!” my Mom said with excitement.

“Hi Mom!” I replied. My Mom was making me breakfast for the first time since my Dad’s death. The smell was great. It smelt like a one of the breakfast buffet at hotels. My Mom made the best chocolate chip pancakes, and hash browns ever. I quickly ate my breakfast and ran out for the bus for school. As soon as I got outside my house, my bus left. I grabbed my red mountain bike and started to peddle.

I rode my bike on the sidewalks as I watched the cars pass me. I check my watch on my left wrist, which my father gave me before he died. I never take it off. It was seven in the morning, school started in ten minutes. I had to ride for two more miles. I turned around and I saw a man in a black suit. He was just walking on the sidewalk when a black van pulled up next to him on the streets. The man started run as soon as he saw that the black van was following him. I had to help him. I peddled as fast as I could down the streets of Little River. The chase went on for five blocks. The man got tired and started to slow down. The driver of the van got out of the van. Another person came out; it was his partner. The driver and his partner both had on combat jackets on and torn jeans. They also both had sunglasses. The driver had a mullet and his partner has a crew cut. They both had a tattoo of an X on their necks. Were they some type of gang?

The driver went over to the man and kicked the man in the face. The man slammed down on the sidewalk. Then his partner got on top of him and continually punched the man in the face. The driver pulled out some type of gun. It had a black paint job, and it was full metal. The driver walked back to the man and shot him. The gun didn’t even fire bullets. It shot a two-inch needle with liquid on the tip. The man just blacked out, it was a dart gun. The driver got in the car and started to play the radio. While his partner started to drag the man into the back of the van. I parked indecently up to the driver’s partner and said, “What are you doing?”

“Back off kid!” the driver yelled back, as he flipped out a switchblade. The blade was nine inches.

The man came at me. I was a 2nd Degree Black Belt, in Tae Kwon Do. I kicked at his hand. The blade flew out of his hands and the blade flew into the sewers. I kicked again and he grabbed my foot and punched me in the stomach. He threw multiple punches at me and I sidestepped and ducked. I got in close and threw an upper cut at him. He flew back and fell down. I jumped up and punched him on the way down in the face. He was knocked out cold.

I had to get the driver now. I checked the man in the streets he still had a pulse. I hid the body under the van. The driver came out and said, “Hey, What’s up? Have you seen my partner he has an X tattoo on his neck like mine?”

“Yes, I have he is under the van!” I told the driver, as he bent down to look under the van. I had a choke hold on him. I let go of the hold and smashed his head against the side of the van. He was knocked out; I rolled the driver’s body under the van and ran to the man. I found the needle and yanked it out of his body. I found the dart gun and holstered it in my belt.

I waited outside with the man for him to wake up, an hour passed and then I heard. “ Where am I?” the man said.

“You’re on Liberty Road in Little River, New Jersey.” I answered.

“Who are you?”

“Joe Tanner.”

“You’re Adam Tanner’s son!”

“Yeah, you got a problem with it?” I hated when people said my Dad’s name, it just made me think of all of the great times we had, and now that he is gone, I can’t hang out with him.

“Well I forgot to give you my name, I am Chris Blackfire, you need to come with me, and I am a CIA agent!”

“I’ve got to go to school though, I am already late!” I protested.

“Ok, go to school and meet me outside after school. Let me give you a ride.”

I got into the black van with Chris. Chris found the key he turned on the engine. I picked my backpack up and put it on my lap. Chris drove me to my high school, Little River High. “Thanks for the ride!” I said as I exited the car.

“No, thank you for saving me!” Chris Blackfire replied.

I ran into school. I rushed through the doors. I stared at the clock. I was two hours late. “Joe, your late, and you don’t have a pass, you get an after school detention!” my awful principal, Mr.Austins said. Mr.Austins is a tall black man, with a giant beard. All of his hair was gray from old age.
“Great!” I thought, “How am I supposed to meet with Chris now?”

I got to my locker and got my books. I walked in to my Math class. The day went very slowly, especially in Chemistry class. In Chemistry class, I had to create a chemical reaction using the supplies given. I poured the liquid into a beaker full of water. The beaker started to smoke and the liquid started to bubble. The beaker exploded. I made some type of bomb. Good thing that I had goggles on because glass flew and hit at my goggles. A big chunk of glass pierced Alex Lethner, the girl I liked. I have always liked her since 2nd grade when we had to do a project on Beluga Whales. “Ouch!” she screamed as she pulled the bloodstained glass out of her arm. She threw the glass in the garbage can. I ran and got her the first-aid kit. I gave her a Band-Aid. After she put it on, she raised her hand and slapped me across the face. I had a handprint on my face. The bell rang. School was over. I walked to my locker and turned my combination. I put my books in my backpack and walked to Mr.Austins office.
“I’m glad you showed up! I thought you were going to play hooky like you did last week!” Mr.Austins said.
I threw my backpack on the ground and grunted. I grabbed my pencil and Mr.Austins made me write a thousand-word essay on why I would never be late again. I stared out the window. I was on the second floor. I stared at Mr.Austins as he glared me down. I was almost done with my essay. I finished. I handed my paper to him. “I am afraid, I can’t let you leave until 4:00 pm.
A breeze came through the window. The breeze blew all of his papers around. Then Mr.Austins grabbed his neck, and then he fell against the desk. Was he dead? I checked his neck. He had a tranquilizer dart in his neck. I looked out the window and saw Chris in a tree. Chris yelled, “Come on!”
I ran and jumped out the window. I felt like I was flying, the jump was fifty meters high. I was aiming for the bush. I landed in the bush and started sprinting to end of school property. Chris ran in to his car. His car was a yellow Lamborghini. Chris revved up the engine and opened up the door. I jumped in the car and we sped off. We drove through the streets as we saw a car a giant X. The car was speeding toward us. We Chris stepped on the pedal fully down. The car followed us and its passenger took out an AK-47. The passenger fired. The bullets hit the tinted glass in the back. The bullets ricocheted off the glass. The glass was bullet proof! The car was catching up to us. They were right next to us. Chris pressed a button and sharp metal popped out of the tire. The metal popped the front right tire of the enemy car. The car went out of control. Chris did a donut and faced the car. He pressed the button. As soon as he hit the button, rockets shot out of the lights. The rockets flew and blew up the car. Chris spun the car around again and we continued.
It was getting dark. We needed were somewhere outside of New York City, all we had to do was take the bridge to get in. “Why are we here?” I asked.
“You will see!” Chris told me as he we drove on to the bridge. The bridge had no sign of traffic. Chris sped across the bridge. A rocket sped passed them and blew up the piece in front of them. I looked up; it was a helicopter with an X on it. Chris didn’t stop driving; he kept heading towards the broken bridge. We were right at the edge. That’s when he pressed another button. The car jumped the gap and we kept on driving.
The helicopter was targeting us though. The helicopter shot a million of bullets out of a machine gun on the bottom. The helicopter fired more rockets at us. Chris swerved out of the way. The rockets blew up behind us. Chris kept on driving. He had a plan.
Chris drove into the Lincoln Tunnel. We sped through the long tunnel. The helicopter couldn’t follow us anymore. Then we heard the roar of a couple of motorcycles coming. There was a team of two on each of the motorcycles, and there were five motorcycles. Three of them had rocket launchers, and the other two had M4A1s. The team of M4A1s shot at us. The rocket launchers shot the rockets at our car. Chris swerved through the tunnel, dodging the bullets. Bullets and intense heat filled the air. Chris clicked a button and a package of C4 came out of the car. The bikers passed over the C4, that’s when Chris pressed the button again. A giant inferno raged in the Lincoln Tunnel. I looked behind us again. There were no more bikers left. We flew out of the tunnel. As soon as we came out of the tunnel, the helicopter was waiting for us. Chris clicked a button and a rocket flew out of the car and hit the helicopter. The helicopter crashed into the side of a local side scraper. “There is more to the world,” Chris told me.
Chris pulled the car up in front of a run down building outside of New York City. We got out of the car. Chris said, “Welcome to the CIA headquarters, Joe!”
I stared in amazement as we walked in the run down building. How was this actually the CIA headquarters? We walked into an elevator and went to the basement. The elevator doors opened up and I saw a room with a globe in the middle and many desks around it. Also, there were many people working at the desks. I thought, “Why am I here?”

To be continued…

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