My Wild Ride

November 9, 2010
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I was sitting in class ready to go party. My parents were going to be out that night very late so I wasn’t worried about breaking curfew. I was going to a club it was teen night. I just made it, I am in the ninth grade. My mom was going to drop my two best friends Xavier and Travis and I off at the place. We were supposed to be meeting our girlfriends Nicole and Ashley. Travis didn’t have a girlfriend so he was planning on meeting a girl at the club. Both of them were coming to my house after school.

Ring! There was the bell. It was finally time to go home. I found Travis and X and we walked to my house. When we got on the bus there was trash all over. Mainly sunflower seeds from where we were spitting them this morning. I was surprised the bus driver didn’t stop me right there and make me pick them up. Our bus driver is a old mean lady named Mrs. Boshi. By the way my name in J.T short for Jeremiah Trevor don’t worry about my last name your not going to be able to pronounce it.

Anyway we were walking into my house and saw my mom just staring at me like I had two heads. She said “I got an email home today from Mrs. Fortna,” man how I hated her she was so annoying. Well she kept on going “Mrs. Fortna said you were talking all class and being rude by mumbling under your breath. Your not going anywhere tonight your friends can though. “They can stay over here or call there moms and tell them that I can take them but you your staying at 56 Millard Road end of story.” That was my address. Mom please Nicole is going to be there. “No is no.” she walked up the stairs. But as she was walking I thought to myself oh I’m going to that party and I’m going to have fun.

A couple hours later once my mom left we sat in my blank living room with my dog trying to think. Think about what we were going to do. X and Travis said they weren’t going to go unless I went too man they’re good friends. Maybe we could uh well no that wouldn’t work. Um how bout we oh never mind did that last week. “I want to go to that party.” Me too said Travis I was going to get a girls number. X stood and yelled I got it! He told us about this guy who drives he was his older brothers friend. It was kind of shaky though Travis nor I knew the guy and X only did a little bit. He called him though and the guy said he would. So we went to get ready. When the guy pulled up I laughed his car was beat up. Travis hesitated to get in I told him it was chance of danger or sit at home with nothing to do. As we expected he got in. The guys name was Randy. The guy looked kind of suspicious maybe as if he had a couple of drinks. His eyes were red.

We pulled off and the ride started slow. Soon he sped up way over the speed limit. We thought he was just taking us to the party but he took a turn that had us on the other side of town. I saw a pair of nasty brown which started out yellow converse hanging on a telephone line. I knew we were on one of the most toughest places in this state. The guys here didn’t play around they meant what they said. They sold drugs too and if anyone let that out they’d find you. Everybody who lived there knew the conditions and never crossed the line. The little boys looked up to the older guys who were fighting.

Anyway it was starting to get dark and there was a storage van with tented windows following us. Randy said he was picking up some other people but to me he just looked lost. Now there were people following us too three males. I could feel Travis’ heart pounding. We turned the corner and ran into one of the scariest gangs. Randy screamed crap! Apparently the people who he was suppose to be picking up told him the wrong turn or he didn’t read the text right. All the sudden we looked up and we were backed up in a corner. A lot of guys and that van were surrounding us. Its times like this when I wish I would have listened to my mother, I would’ve been in my basement playing video games. Well they had us cornered and I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t want to call my mom but at the same time I did. We could hear them screaming from inside the car. They were saying give us everything you’ve got all the money all the drinks everything. Randy rolled down the window and screamed “and what if I don’t.” If you haven’t figured out by now Randy isn’t the smartest apple that fell from the tree. The guys laughed and said we can do this the easy way or the hard way. Once again Randy rolled down the window this time he said “why don’t you just get out of my way before I run all of you over.” The same guy said “oh wrong answer now your gonna get it.” Some guy pulled out a knife I looked at Randy to see what he was going to do he pulled one out too. That’s when I knew things were about to get serious.

We all got out the car thought I was going to die. I saw my friends punching and tackling guys. Me being J.T wanted to show that I was tough so instead of going for someone my size I went for someone much bigger than me. I punched him in the gut thinking that it would actually do something. The guy looked at me like I had maybe tickled him. He punched me right in the face the only thing I remember after that was seeing stars.

I woke up in an ambulance with my mom sitting over me. That guy knocked me out my mom told me I was unconscious for ten minutes. Luckily a lady in the neighborhood called the cops.

They rushed me to the hospital I saw bright lights and billions of people standing over me, at least that’s what I could make out. They gave me a mirror my face looked like a plum. I guess they hit me more than I thought. I heard a door shut it was just my mom and I now. She was about to give me the biggest lecture of my life. I wished that I was still passed out. She was saying how dangerous and how much trouble I was in. And at that moment I noticed I never even got to that party. Never again will I step foot in a car like that.

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