The Informant

November 11, 2010
By ferretboy SILVER, Meadow Vista, California
ferretboy SILVER, Meadow Vista, California
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Its been four months since Kaoru and Hikaru had been paid or had a chance to get paid for hunting down a baby goat. Without work to do they were quite bored, all that was to do around their house was just sit on the couch by the phone and watch some stupid T.V. shows. While Hikaru was getting flipping threw channels Kaoru tried to lighten the mood.

“Hey Hikaru. What’s worse than a baby stapled to a tree? A baby stapled to a hundred trees.” said Kaoru while laughing.

Sighing Hikaru replied “Hilarious Kaoru.”

“How’s this one? What’s the difference between a car full of dead baby’s and a Ferrari?”

“I don’t know, what?”

“I don’t have a Ferrari in my garage.”

Hikaru was about to say something just as the phone rang. He grabbed it eagerly hoping it was for a job. Looking at the caller ID he saw it was The Informant.

Hikaru smiled as he answered the phone, “Thank goodness you called Kaoru wouldn’t stop telling jokes. Please tell me you have something for us to do like go hunt down a baby goat or test out a new weapon?”

In an excited voice The Informant said, “Oh, did he tell you this one? What’s worse than a car full of dead.”

“NO AND I DON’T CARE! Just tell me why you called.” Interrupted Hikaru

Picking up the other line Kaoru said excitedly, “What what’s worse?”

In a calm voice The Informant said, “Yes I have a job for you it’s in a box outside your door, also inside that box is the weapon I want you to try out. Kaoru I’ll tell you it later when your brother is calmer ok?

With that The Informant hung up. Hikaru came back from getting the box The Informant left and opened it. Inside he saw the location to where a baby goat had been located and a strange knife. Attached to the knife was a grenade and a note.

Hikaru read the note out loud, “Careful with this knife. Its tip is covered in poison and the grenade will go off when the blade makes contact. Signed The Informant.”

Sweet thought Hikaru and Kaoru together as they started to get their gear ready. Going down into the garage Hikaru stopped and looked inside Kaoru’s car to see if there were any babies in it. Relived that there weren’t any he continued to his car that they would be taking.

Stopping a few blocks down the road from the area that the goat had been located Hikaru stopped the car. Getting out of the car in black trench coats and all the weapons they would need to take out the goat they headed off. Hiding behind cars and trash cans they made it to the ally that the baby goat was in they stopped. Peering into the ally Hikaru could make out the shape of a goat.

“What should we use on this one?” asked Hikaru to Kaoru.

“We should use poison tipped throwing knife with a grenade attached.” Replied Kaoru in a hushed but excited voice.

So Hikaru pulled out two of the strange weapons and handed one to Kaoru.

“On three” said Hikaru

“One” Whispered Kaoru as he nodded

“Two” said Hikaru as he held up two fingers

“Three” yelled Kaoru

At that they both jumped into the opening of the ally and threw the knives. BOOM! Went the knives; Kaoru and Hikaru watched the close range fire work through black sunglasses. With there work finished they went home and found a note on their door that said nice throw you too. I could see the explosion from my house. Oh Kaoru what’s worse than a car full of dead babies is the one on the bottom trying to eat its way out. Kaoru and Hikaru laughed as they read the note.

Kaoru gave Hikaru a dirty look and said, “What’s that smell did you slaughter a goat!? Its ok if you did but you know we slaughter them together.

“No, don’t be stupid I know we work together. I would never do that.” said Hikaru as he opened up the door.

Inside the house was a severed goat head with a note written in blood that said here’s a little gift I found on my way to here. Look out for bloody knives.

“The Informant” said Hikaru and Kaoru as they looked at each other.

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