Tobi and the Baby Goat

November 11, 2010
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Ever since Tobi came to this village people have started disappearing. They say it’s a baby goat that’s taking them. Everyone blames Tobi for these strange occurrences, for this they avoid him.

Tobi snapped awake as garbage landed on him. When he pushed it off he looked around and reminded himself he lived in the garbage pile. Then he got on his knees and started to open the bag that was thrown on him in search of breakfast. He opened it and the smell of rotten eggs, dirty dippers and old onions rushed into his nose. He crinkled his nose and threw the bag away and decided he would try to steal some food, knowing that he couldn’t work to get money to buy some. When he went to the street he saw people franticly moving around trying to find out who was missing. When they saw him coming the village people dispersed. While hiding in the shadows, Tobi overheard that some of the men made weapons to go slay the baby goat that had been taking people, but none had returned.

Tobi thought of an idea. He would go kill the baby goat to get the people to treat him better. Around mid-night, he slipped out into The Forest of Deception. That surrounded the village. He knew the risks of entering the forest. After wandering a while in the forest he started wondering why it was called The Forest of Deception when it looked like a normal forest. Then he noticed an X carved in a tree next to him, under the X was some ancient writing. Since Tobi couldn’t read it, he didn’t bother trying to. When he passed the tree he felt like he was trying to walk through jell-o, the air started to get thicker as he moved farther inward. Then a mysterious fog rolled in. out of no where a fist nailed Tobi in the face.

Tobi fell down and yelled “What the h*** was that for? Who are you? Come out of the fog.”

The stranger said “What? You don’t remember? I told you id get you back for what you did to me.”

The stranger came out of the fog, when Tobi saw him he noticed it was his friend Froberto. Tobi was hit with a pain of guilt as he remembered what he did to him.

Tobi’s eyes started tearing up and said “I’m sorry I left you to die with a pack of wolves so I could save my own skin.”

Froberto started laughing and said “The wolves didn’t get me, a hunter shot me when he tried to save me, but I do forgive you. Dang, it looks like my times up I wish I could hang with you longer. Good luck in here.”

Froberto started to fade back into the fog Tobi felt relived. Later Tobi heard someone singing so he started to follow the sound. He arrived at a clearing and saw a young lady sitting on a tree stump singing.
The lady turned to him and said “hello son, its good to see you again.”

Tobi was surprised to see his mom Jackie again. Tobi was filled with joy and started running toward her. Unrepentantly a white flying baby seal appeared in his face.

The flying seal said “Don’t it’s a trap clear your mind and you will see the truth.”

Tobi thought it was stupid but he did it anyway. When he cleared his mind he say the seal was right, he was going to run to his death and be eaten by a strange plant.

The seal said “your welcome, my names George. Can you help me escape this forest please?”

Tobi agreed to help him out if he helped make sure he didn’t walk toward anything that could kill him. An hour of walking aimlessly Tobi and George saw another X in a tree and when they passed it the smell of rotting flesh hit them like a freight train. They saw a village with blood on the walls and body parts everywhere. Tobi froze as he took in what he was seeing then Tobi noticed hoof prints from a goat in the ground, so he started following them with George right on his heels.

When inside the village Tobi whispered to George “Man I relay wish I had a wepon right now.”

George said “You do it’s me.”

At that George turned into a short sword. Tobi almost jumped out of their skins when they heard a noise behind them.

While Tobi and George were talking the Baby Goat was creeping up on them. Then it accidentally stepped on a stick and the sticks crack echoed through out the village.

Tobi wiped around and saw the Baby Goat; he put the sword that George turned into, in front of him so if the goat attacked he’d be ready. Without notice the goat jumped at Tobi, without thinking Tobi pushed the sword up. The blade plunged into the goats abdomen, then the weight of the sword was too much for him. He let the front end down and ripped the blade across the goat’s stomach as he pulled it out. The goat’s internal organs started spilling out. Tobi felt Sympathy for the goat because of the pain it was in, so he ended it quickly with one clean swoop. The head of the goat came clean off and toppled to the ground, blood squirted out from the wound. When Tobi’s adrenalin went down, he went to get a basket. He put the dead goat’s body and head in it so he could carry it back to his village. While he was leaving the tripped on a corps and saw it was his mothers.

All of a sudden memories that had been suppressed by what he say when he was little were now released. With all the memories being released his head started throbbing. When it stopped he paid his respects to his mother and left with the basket and George floating by him, now back in his seal form.

When he returned back to the village he showed everyone the dead goat. Then he accidentally dropped the goats head on the ground. The roads in the village became made of gold, the houses had diamond windows and ruby door knobs now. Everyone was glad that no one would be taken anymore and that they would all be rich. Since Tobi had done this they started treating him like he was a member of the village. They gave Tobi a home where he could live with his new friend George and not have to worry about getting hit with anymore garbage.

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