November 7, 2010
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I throw myself to the ground just in time as the sword misses my head by inches. I roll to the side avoiding another blow. I jump to my feet and run away from this soldier. I know that if I can find Him everything will be all right and I’ll be safe. But maybe I should rewind to when this began. This morning I was just an ordinary kid in the 21 century and now… well I don’t know where or when I am. I was sitting at my desk in math class when suddenly I wasn’t. I looked around me and I was in an open field in the middle of a battle and I can see the boy I like on the battlefield and he is fighting off three men at once. The smell of blood and death was all around me and the sounds of screaming and clashing of swords filled my ears.
While I was watching the battle around me I wasn’t watching my back until Gabriel rushes towards me like the archangel his name hails from. I looked around to see the reason he was running my way and then I see it, the soldier holding a dagger inches from my neck about to inflict a fatal blow when out of no where a sword halts the blow and sends the soldier running. I look up into the amazing brown eyes of Gabriel and at that moment I feel an intense pain on the back of my head and the world starts to fade and my legs no longer hold me up. The last thing I am aware of is Gabriel strong arms holding me and his worried eyes looking into mine.
I am woken up by the smell of burning and someone urgently shaking my shoulders. I open my eyes to see Gabriel and it is clear he is nervous as his eyes shift from side to side. He tells me that I am in his camp but that the enemy has taken over and is burning it to the ground. He says that I need to hide in the trees on the outskirts of the camp and keep quite and he will find me when he is done helping his people. I don’t question if I can trust Gabriel or if he is a different kind of person in this time and place.
I am making my way to the trees when I run into a soldier and he tries to kill me with his sword but I dodge him and run behind a burning tent. I stumble to the outskirts of the camp in the dark when I heard a sound behind me and I see a sword coming towards my head…

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