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November 6, 2010
By gabster101 SILVER, Sherwood, Oregon
gabster101 SILVER, Sherwood, Oregon
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Tyler was the best football player at his high school and the most popular. He had been in three championships in high school and two in middle school.
Most kids would call Tyler a mega-popular, athletic superstar. He had a chance to go to the once-in-a-lifetime-show of players! He was such a remarkable player and he was offered a trip to Miami, Florida, a few thousand bucks, and to meet some amazing star players!
“Dude, this is sweet, we get $3,000 each, a trip to Miami, and, the most girls are there, “said Jake
Tyler smiled as he stepped off the Alaskan- Airlines and smelled the sweet, calm breeze of Florida.
Ty and his best buds; Jake and Peyton, stepped into the Newberry Young Hotel on South Avenue.
“Jake, we should get our nice clothes on and go down to the stadium,” remarked Peyton.
“Totally,” Jake exclaimed.
All the boys got their clothes on and called for a taxi.
“Isn’t that Joe Montana,” Peyton quickly asked as they strode into the huge Miami Dolphins stadium. They also saw Jerry Rice, John Elway, and Tony Dorsette.
“Ugh, I hope Cara isn’t here,” Tyler stated.
Cara Carson was Tyler’s ex-girlfriend. Tyler hated her, but Cara somewhat liked him, until she found out how Tyler felt about her. Cara’s favorite thing was a pink flower and Ty knew it. He almost thought she would have followed him to Miami, but he knew she wouldn’t do something that stupid.
Just after Joe Montana’s name was called on the enormous loud-speaker, Ty told his friends that he was going to go use the bathroom. Dun, dun, dun...
“This is the best day of my life,” Peyton exclaimed. Yet, after a good hour, Tyler wasn’t back. Jake said he would go and check on Tyler, because Tyler’s favorite player, John Elway, was up next.
At first, Jake went into the boys’ restroom, he found nothing. He checked every stall, still nothing. Then, he wondered if Tyler was in the family restroom…
“Ahhhh,” Jake screamed! He saw Tyler in stall #4, dead. It was the scariest thing he had ever seen. He was lying with a flower in his left hand. The initials, CC, were carved into the stall door. The greatest high school player was officially gone. Jake knew exactly who it was and why. Cara.

Part 2
“Peyton, why is there a hole with a silver shovel lying under that old, oak tree,” Jake questioned.
“I don’t know, let’s check it out,” Peyton stated. The huge oak tree was on the other side of the football field. They walked over to the shady, grass field and looked down, into the great, big hole.
“Oh, my- “, Peyton got cut off short when he heard the evil laugh of Cara.
“Hahaha! You silly boys don’t need to be hanging around here,” Cara said.
“Why won’t Cara let us be hanging around here,” Jake questioned. Peyton peeked under the hole and saw a dark, black garbage bag. In it, was Tyler’s old, smelly football helmet with a brand new sticky note in it saying-
*Cara’s Reminders*
Peyton dug through the hole and saw a yellow slip of paper with the address- 22190 Maroon Road, Miami, Florida 56891.
With bug eyes, Jake said “OMG, we need to go there.”
“I know,’’ Peyton said.
The old, deep, dark, house was painted blue with white shingles. Jake and Peyton jumped out of the taxi when they say the correct house number, 22190. They sprinted up to the house. They rang the doorbell, only to find no one answer. Peyton turned the loose doorknob and walked in. They looked around and saw nothing! They had no idea what was going on. The same three questions were juggled in their heads… Is this the correct house? Am I going to die? And, Is Ty okay?
“Man, this is sick!” The two boys saw Tyler in the bathtub upstairs, with that same pink flower lying in his left hand. It was probably a very sad moment they will always remember.
They managed to carry him downstairs and open the screen door, out to the backyard. “I think this is the spot,” Peyton said, almost crying.
“Okay,” Jake sighed.
They decided to bury him in the backyard and to not tell anyone about this interesting weekend. Both boys would keep him in their memory instead of having a service for him. ?

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