October 30, 2010
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Chapter 1: Christina

I Woke Up Sharply. I Inhaled Quickly As I Felt Light Headed. I Looked Around, It Was Dark. I Leaned To My Right Side and Turned On My Lamp. I Squinted As It Came On. "Just A Dream, Just A Dream, Just A Dream" I Whispered Quietly. I Grabbed My Phone From Under My Pillow, and Slid It Up. 5:47 am. It Was Almost Time To Wake Up Anyway To Get Ready For School. I Sighed, and Got Out Of Bed. Walking Slowly To My Door, I Heard Something From Behind. I Was Scared, So I Didn't Bother To Turn Around. I Walked Quickly To The Bathroom and Slammed The Door. Everything Looked Different. The Sink Was Yellow Instead Of Cream, The Curtains Looked Dingy, and The Floor Looked UnFlat. I Turned The Water On, and Cupped My Hand Under It. The Water Filled Up In My Hands. I Bent Down, and Threw It On My Face. I Blinked, and Looked Up At The Mirror To Find My Mother Behind Me. I Chest Jumped. "Scared?" She Asked Jokingly. I Didn't Laugh, Not Even A Smile. "Sorry Honey" I Turned The Water Off and Sniffed Quickly. "I Had That Dream Again" She Rolled Her Eyes and Scooted Me Out The Way, Grabbing Her Tooth Brush. "Sweetie, It Was Just A Night Mare. Don't Sweat It." "But It Seemed So Realistic" I Said Right After Her Words. She Shook Her Head, and Opened A New Tube Of Toothpaste. I Huffed, and Stormed To The Other Bathroom. It Was Getting Light Outside, So Quick. I Took A Quick Shower, and Got Ready For School. I Walked Over To My Bed, Grabbed My Phone, and Looked At The Time. 6:37. 20 Minutes Until The Bus Comes. Grabbed My Bag, and Looked In My Mirror. "Ehh" I Said Acceptingly, and Ran Down Stairs To The Kitchen. My Heard The Roaring Of My Mother Lexus. She's Leaving For Work. I Opened The Fridge, and Grabbed The Peanut Butter and Jelly Jars and Slid Them On The Counter. I Grabbed The Bread and Made A Perfect Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwhich. I Jumped On My Couch, and Ate It. My Mother Must've Left The Television On. But Why Would She Be Watching Sponge Bob? I Shook My Head and Watched That As I Ate My Snack. It's A 10-15 Minute Show, So As Soon As It Went Off, That Was My Que. I Turned The TV Off With The Remote On The Table, and Grabbed My Keys From The Handle Near The Door. I Walked Outside, and Locked The Door Behind Me. I Could See The Kids At The BusStop From Where I Was Standing, and They Were All Sitting Down On The Grass, So The Bus Wasn't Coming Yet. I Took My Time Walking There. I Noticed That The Weather Was Fair. It Wasn't Hot, Nor Cold, Mainly In The Middle. But It Was Kind Of Breezy, Good Thing I Put A Jacket In My Bag. I Took It Out, and Put It Over Me, But Not On. As I Approached My Bus Stop, My Friends Jumped Up When They Spotted Me. They Walked Up To Me With There Arms Folded. "What" I Asked. "So When Were You Going To Tell Us That You Were Friends With Meg" Sherry Said. "Meg? Why On Earth Would I Be Friends With That THING" I Snapped. They All Looked At Eachother, And Laughed. "Just Kidding" Said Erin. "We Knew That Would Get To You" Said Tori. I Laughed With Them. Everybody Started Getting Up Off The Grass, So The Bus Was Coming. We Walked Back To The Bus Stop, and Waited For Our Ride.

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