yuna uchiha's lost credit card

October 29, 2010
By yuna_uchiha BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
yuna_uchiha BRONZE, Littleton, Colorado
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i love beuty.

yuna droped her keys on the counter and sighed, looking with her preferals she saw the window was broken. yuna puts her hand on her face and turns toward the window. she says, "why am i the only person in this naborhood who's windows keep breaking." yuna picks up a piece of glass and throws it at the broken window and it stops in mid air and attaches to the window and she does the same with the rest of the glass shards untill the window is fixed. she walks into the kitchen and grabs a cup and pulls the bottle of tea out of the fridge and pours some into the cup. the door bell rings, she sets the cup down and walks over to the door and she opens it and there is a mailman with a package and he says, "oh mrs uchiha your package has arrived I need you to sighn here." he holds out a clip board with a piece of paper on it , she grabs the clip board and sighns it and hands it back and takes her package and geos into the kitchen. she reaches in the cabnet and pulls out a knife and cuts open the box and it is full of tea packs. she lifts the box and empitys into the cabnet. the phone rings and a man says, "yuna we need you here at the lab we founds some evidence on the case we are working on." she replies, "sure ill be there soon." she grabs her keys and walks out the door and walks up a ladder in her backyard and climbs up it and walks over to the helicopter on the heli pad and gets in and starts the engine. the propelers start to spin and the helicopter takes of the ground and she turns north . a bullet hits the side of the helicopter and she pushes forward and another shot hits the back stabalizer sending the helicopter in a spin and it twirls and crashes in the field in a spot where there were no people. yuna pulls herself out of the reckage. a man in a black suit walks up and says, "I told you i didnt want you working this case if your team sucseds the mafia could be found and anihalated ..... destroy some evidence." yuna brushes glass out of her hair and says, "and you needed to shot me down." he looks anoyed and says, " i wanted you in a location where we wouldnt be seen togeather so to what i told you or you wont get that rear tea."
he kicks her in the face and she passes out.

to be continue....

The author's comments:
i came up with it out of no wear and i might continue it once a week.

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