The Vulghan's Ward-Prologue

October 29, 2010
By AJLane SILVER, Forks, Washington
AJLane SILVER, Forks, Washington
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"Actions speak louder than words, but it is the intentions behind the actions that speak the loudest."

Gimring Blackadder sat in a cold room made of stone. He was chained by shackles locked on his wrists. He could handle whatever his fair nation threw at him. In the media, he was knows as Haunt, due to his crimes. The fact that he could handle these names and this prison only made him more confident that he could survive the last few days of his sentence. He could make it out of that deathtrap, and even avoid the death penalty. He was a happy man.
He saw a flash of light hit the ground through the skylight in his cell. Soon after, a crash that shook the ground plummeted upon Gimring's ears. He decided to look up the skylight. The glass high above was smoldered in water, but he could tell from its gray tint that it indeed was a rainy day. Another flash, another crash, and then came the tip tapping noise of an intruder.
The current guard of Gimring stood ready at the doorway to the cell, his hand on the hilt of his blade. He could see nothing past the shadows cast by the gray light of the sky above, but he knew someone with fair intentions was lurking behind them. "Sir, I need you to exit the prison at once. No visitors, even relatives, are allowed to see this man." the guard explained to the shadows.
"Fear not." the shadows replied. As the guard began to draw his sword, a man stepped from the shadows. The shadows revealed a man covered in red and purple velvet garments with long gray hair. His fingers looked as if they were encrusted by an expansive array of rings and his gemstones twinkled in the dreary light.
"I am sorry, King Leonard." the guard pleaded. "I won't make that mistake again." he placed its blade back where it belonged.
"It does not matter." Leonard began. "Next time, demand the person's name, and know that I am the only one permitted to see this man!" The guard knew that do do next. He slowly opened the inch thick concrete doorway to allow Leonard fair passage.
"I will." the king assured as he stepped in. The door swiftly shut behind him, leaving him to deal with this criminal. He looked at the skinny man, his face flushed and his eyes large. Gimring obviously changed.
Gimring's smile grew wide. "What a surprise! My favorite enemy has come to see me!" he laughed. "So much for solitary confinement, eh Leonard?" Gimring asked. "Oh, and how's the wife?" That was when Gimring had a face to face meeting with Leonard's boot. Gimring fell back, laughing hysterically. He knew how to get under Leonard's skin, and he would do that just fine.
"Do not aggravate me, boy!" Leonard bellowed. His face reddened. "Damn this country's democracy! I should have killed you when you commit that crime! But even kings have their limits." Gimring killed the wife of Leonard, Queen Angelina, nearly thirty years before. Gimring chuckled. Leonard scowled. "Do not anger me."
"That's my father's job, and it always will be!" Gimring laughed in reply.
"You're tongue is lazy!" Leonard shouted as his smirk grew. "You see, Vulghan Blackadder has been captured by a group of my scouts." Gimring's jaw hung half open in shock. How could his father have been captured? After all he was the greatest warlord in history! Once he gathered his senses, he made a reliable reply, and quickly made himself believe it.
"I care not that my father has been captured. What is the sentence?" Gimring asked.
"Death." Leaonard replied. "And I know you'll try to save your father." Leonard assured.
"What is the point?" Gimring asked. "If he can't stay hidden, he can't lead an army!" His reasoning was perfect. Leonard shook his head.
"I know you have some motive, and I only advise to you, that you don't disrupt the occasion. You are free in three days, The execution is in two weeks." Leonard said. "Behave." Leonard tapped the door and left without another word.
Later that night, after the scraps were eaten and the thoughts compiled, Gimring fell into a sleep consumed by his past. An unfortunate past.
The guise that lead Gimring's dream was obviously a rich man in his family because he stood in his old palace. Gimring's home. The man chuckled at a squirrel that fell from a high tree, when a little boy came in. His face was covered in coal and his expression was sad and hurt. "No more work!" he pleaded. The little boy was Gimring as a child. The perspective guiding the dream hit the little Gimring and knocked him back.
"Do not disobey me, or life will turn a dark path!" the man shouted.
"It already has!" Little Gimring shouted. The man got up and gripped the child's throat. He began to squeeze.
"I've given you a home!" he shouted.
"Stop!" Gimring pleaded.
"I've given you food!"
"Help! Brothers!" Gimring breathed.
"I've given you my undying love!"
"Save me." Gimring mouthed.
"And this is how I'm repaid?" the man asked. Gimring fell into unconsciousness. The man threw the crumpled child to the ground. "Raegan!" he bellowed. A short man with black trimmed hair and a plump build ran in at the call. "Take this boy to the dungeons! Have Lance whip him when he awakens." At that moment, the man turned away and walked.
The man entered a large room, filled with jewels and gems, and as he walked, he looked into a mirror and scratched his face. The guise was revealed. The man was Vulghan Blackadder.
Gimring awoke, breathing sharply. "Now I have my motive."

The author's comments:
I wrote this for the fun of it, and my friends can't stop reading it. I hope people will hang on for me to post the next chapter, so they can enjoy it as well.

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