The Librarian CH3

November 2, 2010
By Anonymous

The deed is done.

Valery awoke to a tall man standing over her. At first she thought she was back in that building with the little man, but she soon remembered the flash and came to an even scarier realization that this place could be even worse. As she regained her vision, she noticed her surroundings. She was in a candlelit room; there were a few posters of random bands she had never heard of on the walls, and a in bed one corner. Next to the bed was a small table, and in the middle there was a huge, and lavish rug. On the other side of the room, there were six doors. She was located right behind the bed, and behind her were three more beds, each spaced a yard apart and with their own tables.

Valery turned her focus to the man in front of her. It looked as if he was saying something, but she could barely hear anything, it was as if her ears were filled with cotton. She shook her head and tried to clear her head. Suddenly her ears popped and cleared. “-err you okay he asked?” his voice was soft and comforting. “Hello? You in there?” he snapped his finger and waved his hand.
Valery was slow to respond, “Yah…Yah I am, what happ-”he cut her off.
“It's okay, you’re safe now. You’re also very lucky, those knifes were poisoned, not meant to kill, but to take down. If you hadn’t grabbed that book and come here, you would still be there.” She looked at herself and she saw her bandages. “there are some clothes are in the bathroom, it’s the first door on the right you may take a shower while you are there, just turn the handle to how hot you want it.” The man walked to the last door, and entered, leaving her alone in the room.

Clean and no longer drowsy, Valery changed into the jeans, and t-shirt the man had provided her. They were baggy and old but they would do. She walked out into the candle-lit room. She looked around and began to wonder what the other rooms she walked over to one and put her hand on the small rounded door knob. She had begun to turn the golden handle to walk into the room guarded by the sturdy dark oak door when suddenly a hand grabbed her wrist. It was the man. “You don’t want to go in there.” He said sternly. He walked away into a room leaving Valery standing there wondering why.

Valery was lying on the bed that she had been provided when the door the man had walked into earlier flew open and he came out. Behind him she could see the room. It was what appeared to be the kitchen. The walls and all the appliances were teal. Also unlike the main room that she was in, it had lights and was more modern. “It's time for dinner.” the man said, he
walked Back into the room seeming much cheerier than before. Valery walked into the kitchen. It was huge, on the other side of the room there was a dining room with lavish rugs and a very expensive looking dining table. On the table, plates were laid out with food on them. The food varied; there was everything from lobster to delicious looking cheeseburgers and fries. Valery sat down at the table and grabbed a burger from one of the small plates on the table.

Belly full, and about to burst, Valery began to talk, “Thanks for the food, uhhh, umm, I don't think you ever said what your name was.”

“No I didn’t” the man replied, “Its David, David Shallowater.”

“Well the food was delicious” Valery said. She thought for a bit before she talked again, “Were we anyway?” Valery looked around the room as she asked

“We are in an old abandoned safe house on the western side of Washington. I have modified it to fit my needs.”

“Oh” Valery paused, “is there anyone else here?”

“Yes, his name is Jackson Moondragon; he has been here for nearly a year.”

“Ah” She paused again thinking, “So what do we do now?”

“Well that is a very good question, you can’t go home, and your entire life is never going to be the same, so what can you do is more the question.”

“You seem like a very honest person David”

“Well I am” David replied matter-of-factly

“Do you have any bedrooms?”

“Yes, there is a door around the corner. You can have any of them except for mine of course, come on lets go find you a room.” David stood up walked around the corner on the opposite side of the kitchen and told her to follow.

Two months later:

Valery woke up to the sun from a low window hitting her in the eyes. Her Eyes twitched and then finally opened revealing their green brilliance. She sat up and looked around at her new bedroom. It was big; it had a walk in closet, and a small bed in the corner. Sun was shining through the one and only window in the room, it was small because her bedroom was set underground, and it was dirty from lack of cleaning. Most of the walls were bare except one which had a small poster of a band called snow patrol. The ground was covered in furry green
Carpet which she had purchased last week. She pulled her blue and green blankets away from her allowing the cold air to creep in. She rubbed her toes into the soft carpet as she stood. She looked at a clock that she had on her bedside table. It was 5:30 and she was late for training again.

David was waiting for her as she entered the room, “Were have you been, your late...again.”

“I was asleep, like a regular person would be right now, why do we have to do these so early anyways?”Valery asked, while yawning

“It builds discipline, something you don't seem to have, anyway are you ready?”

“I guess so” Valery replied tiredly

“Ok let’s do this, same routine as usual” David moved toward a box that was in the corner of the weapons room. The weapons room was bigger than Valerie’s' bedroom, and had two sections, one was for storing weapons, it was lined with high shelves filled with all kinds of weapons, and some of which she had never even seen in her life. The other was for training and fighting, it was basically a big empty space with a few storage closets, and a door leading to the shooting rage. On the sides, the closets held dummies and other various training items.
Valery picked up a small staff, and twirled the metal pole as she walked through the door that led to the training room. She walked to the center and stopped waiting for the sound of the moving weapon. Valery heard the small whistle and ducked, a small jewel encrusted short sword flying over her head as she did so. She jumped up and raised her staff just in time to block the sword. “Good” complemented David, “Your reaction time is getting better.” He took his sword and spun it around to her other side, she blocked it.
“I know” Valery said simply” then she lifted her staff and tried to hit him in the knee. David blocked the counter
“Mines still better.” David said mockingly.
Valery and David trained for an hour before they finally went into the shooting range at the back of the training room. Valery walked into the room and picked up her magnum which she left on the table just to the right of the door. She loaded it with the bullets from the box beside it. Valery lifted the gun and pointed it at David who was loading his gun. David looked up and saw her. “Valery what are you doing?”He asked

“What the Russian told me to do.” She cocked the hammer and shot him four times in the heart, then twice in the head. Blood splattered everywhere behind him. David fell to the ground hitting it lifelessly.
Valery drove up to find a woman, and a short little man waiting for her in the lot. She got out and walked over to her. “The deed is done” Valery explained, “he’s dead, and so is jack.” There was a bitterness in her voice as she smiled a wicked smile witch disappeared as Ms.D pulled out her Glock, “I’m sorry Valery” she said with no remorse, “but I used you.” Valery looked up in surprise all she heard was a bang then everything went black. Ms. D walked over to the lifeless form Murmured something under her breath. She turned to the little man beside her; “Now the deed is really done” she turned around and walked inside, the Russian following her.

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