On the Hunt

October 27, 2010
By , Center, CO
It was 8:30 in the morning in Alamosa, Colorado. I walked down the sidewalk on Main Street. It was weird I walked down Main Street and I didn’t have to try to dodge traffic. It was really quiet for once. I could hear my foot steps echo in the empty buildings. I couldn’t even hear the birds chirping. Then I hear the sound of hooves hit the asphalt. I ran to Big R since it was the closed store with a gun and ammo. I grabbed bolt cutters cut the lock off of the only 300 Winchester looked for the ammo then I ran to the back of the store were I knew the was ammo for the gun. I loaded it and ran outside. When I got outside I hide behind the abandoned cars in the lot. Looked for the animal making noise. When I looked over toward the other side of the road I saw a really fat elk. I found him in the scope, made a whistle just loud enough for the elk to hear me. The elk stopped looked to see what the noise was. It was just enough time for me to shoot. I got the elk dead on the spot and it just dropped where it stood. When I stood up I noticed that there was rats were swarming the elk. I started to walk again toward Town and Country to get a truck. That way I did not have to walk any more. When I got to the dealership then broke the glass. Found the keys to the brand new Ford F350. Since I did not know which truck it was I hit the panic button it was a black truck. I got in and right when I started the truck I saw a huge buck running down the road I did not know why it was running so I sat there for a second just thought it was the truck that spooked it. When I put the truck in reverse I saw a cougar run through. I just jumped the curb and said to myself I don’t think so pal the buck is going home with me. I was at 65 mph and ran over the cat you could hear the cat cry when I hit him. I looked in my mirror and it was flopping all over the road so I stop and shot it with my gun ran up to it and through it in the back of the truck. Then parked the truck and grabbed the cougar and through it in the middle of the parking lot. Jumped inside of the abandoned car waiting for something to come and start eating it. I just remembered that I was the only one alive and I have been for approximately two years. Then I snapped out and saw there was a coyote coming around the corner. Then picked up my gun and BAM when I looked to see if I hit it, it was gone. I mumbled under my breath dang must have missed. I ran to my truck and went to find the buck. I was driving down the back road trying to dodge the abandoned cars and ahead I saw to abandoned cars blocking the road and something really big in the middle. It had lot of sticks and moss on it so I stop to check it out gabbed my gun and looked to see if I had ammo and I am glad I looked because I need to reload. I grabbed the ammo and reloaded my gun. Walked up to the mound and when I stopped to hear if anything was in it all I heard was like hail hitting metal roofs. I started to take the mound apart to see what was making the noise. It was like trying to tear through a rain forest. When I got through I saw at least a million rats running on the pipes. I just left them so they would leave me alone. I got back into the truck and drove to Wal-Mart to see if I could find a thick coat because I knew it was going to start getting cold soon. When I walked into Wal-Mart I could hear the hooves again. I said to myself perfect where are you buddy. I looked down the main isle and saw the buck dart into another isle I sunk up behind it found the perfect shoot and BANG missed. I looked to see what I hit and I saw a big box of Twinkies spread everywhere. I just laughed because it reminded me of a movie that I seen awhile back. I went home as fast as I could that way nothing could get this one. I knew it was getting dark so I gutted the buck and went inside cooked dinner and went to bed witch was a bed that was hanging from the roof because I knew there their was no rats could get to me as easy.

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DMBisUnique said...
Oct. 30, 2010 at 1:13 pm
I Like It = )
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