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October 24, 2010
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I am Glaedyr. I am a descendent of the mighty dragons of Belka. I was hatched by my rider Laeza and trained in the fields of Indonesia. Then when I was 2 years old I was flown to Alagaesia so my rider could have a sword made for him. He named it Naomi. From there I was flown to war by Laeza who, brandishing Naomi, was now 22. Our objective was to aid the Varden to defeat Galbatorix’s army. This is my story.... The air was cold and the roar of lightning covered the battle cries and screams of terror erupting from the townsfolk. I battered my wings to gain some altitude, then folded them and dropped in a nose-dive fashion searching for prey. I spotted a squadron of men on a nearby bridge and immediately sent a burst of scorching blue flames towards them. Thebridge burst into flames and crippled. I was quite pleased with myself. “Gleadyr”, Laeza said “There is no time for pride, we must defend the city walls, and you of all people know what would happen if Galbatorix’s army were to enter the city. Sudden death is near the answer.” I knew very well what could happen when Galbatorix captured a city. When I was young and in training with Brioxa, my elderly teacher, our village was attacked by a squad of the king’s men. They tore the village apart, burned it to dust, and took all the women as prisoners killing the men and children. “Glaedyr”, said Laeza “Glaedyr!” he repeated, truly worried or frustrated. I couldn’t tell which. Glaedyr snapped out of his trance, “Glaedyr they’re in the city””What” I exclaimed, “We must stop them now”. And with that, Laeza raised Naomi and let out an ear-piercing battle cry that filled me with courage and I dived, going so fast I could not see clearly. I then opened my wings at the same time sending bolts of fire in every direction hoping to hit something. “Glaedyr try aiming” said Laeza. “No time for that” I replied and rose higher searching for more prey when I saw a sight that would forever haunt me dove out of a cloud straight in front of us. A dragon. As it circled the cloud I could just make out a human figure on its back. Before I had time to analyze the situation two words came from the mouth of the dragon, “Hello Son”. The words scared me but also empowered me to know more. My insides burned against my chest to question the mysterious intruder about his fatherhood but I restrained it. “Father or not, I will show you no mercy”, I said. “These are tough words for a dragon that never completed the meditation portion of his training. Do you really think you can defeat me? I spit on your grave. And wouldn’t you be wondering the name of your father”, said the intruder. “Go ahead if you think it necessary”, I said. “I am Armani, son of Emporia and Diamondus. You are my son and your mother was Emeralda who died at the hand of a rider named Misk”, said Armani. “Seems as if you have had a glorious past but it will hurt me no more when I sink my claws into your neck”, I replied even though I felt a burn of affection towards my supposed father. “Very well then, prepare for your death”, he said. And with those closing words a burst of fire escaped his mouth and made its way towards me. I corkspinned, at the same time extending my claws and attempting to penetrate Armani’s skin. He, who anticipated the move correctly, instructed his rider to raise his sword when told, dove under me and then rose immediately screaming “Now”!At that moment Armani’s rider rose his sword and I twisted in the air trying to evade the sword. The sword pierced my led hitting me hard and sending me falling through the sky. Faintly, I recovered and gained stability. As I started to gain some speed again I heard Laeza say “Glaedyr, I have an idea”. “Carry on” I replied. “Fly over your father and dive directly on top of him. When you are about to intersect with him I will pierce his rider in the heart killing both of them”. I agreed and did as I was told, flying straight above Armani. And then I dropped. Speeding throught the air and not even attempting to slow down. Just as I thought we were about to crash Laeza jumped piercing the other rider till he died, and then we fell, but as I fell Armani’s claw caught onto me and scratched my leg. I then heard a thud and then everything went dead cold. I woke up in a cavern to find Laeza’s hand on my wound. He suddenly jerked up smiling and said “Welcome back old friend”. He snuggled up to me and there was a moment when everything I felt was happiness. I t was like I was with the one person who understood me. I felt like prancing up and down the room and singing. I knew it was over and I layed back and relaxed. This is my story.

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AaronLawrence said...
Oct. 29, 2010 at 11:03 am
This was good but it was basically just Eragon rewritten (even galbatorix?, lil originality please.)  Also, there was almost too much action, and the last line 'this is my story', did wrap it up well.  Could you review my work Drifter and offer some criticism?  
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