The librarian

October 20, 2010
By Anonymous

I am David Shallowater!

“Running. Jumping. Hiding. That is all I do now. I write this in the hopes that someone like me will find it. If you know about the organizations, and you're smart, you're on the run. Listen you can’t go home now, it’s too late, don't worry about your family they are safe as long as you stay as far away from them as possible.

My name is David Shallowater, and I have been on the Run for nearly three years now and there hasn't been a day that's gone by that I have regretted running. If you are seeking aid and shelter, I can provide that. I have a safe house on the southwestern side of Washington. It is number B47. It won’t be guarded, but it will be hidden. There is a secret room located about twenty steps forward and to the left. I am warning you it will be dark and I kill anything that doesn't knock in this exact sequence, five four five. To find the door run your hands along the wall until you feel the crack the latch we be in a secret compartment at the bottom. After you walk inside flicker the light and close the door behind you. Make sure you are not followed!!!

Meet with me in my study, you will recognize me by my aquamarine eyes and my dark dark hair. I am also very tall, so if the person you see doesn't look like that, either run or try to kill them, they are probably using their powers to look like me. If they are, I am dead, and you will have to find shelter somewhere else.”

David left the book in between a rock and a tree so that it would still be partially to someone in need of it, and then quickly walked away looking around to make sure that he was not being followed.


Chapter 1
David 2011

From the start, David had stuck out like a sore thumb. He always seemed to succeed at everything he put his mind to, and people loved him for it. He was as smart as he was popular.
David had gone to a regular school like everyone else, had parents like everyone else, teachers like everyone else, or so he thought. It all started when he moved to Washington after finishing Middle school. David’s' dad had gotten a promotion, but with the promotion came a new location they had moved from southeast corner of Arizona to the Northeast corner of Washington. David’s’ life changed with the beginning of the school year.
It had barely been the first week of school when he had gone to the library to check out a book he was in line before he even noticed. Ms. D the librarian looked almost exactly like his old librarian Ms. Gabel. The only difference between her and Ms. Gabel was black hair blue eyes and a necklace.
Ms. Gabel had short reddish grey hair, and green eyes. She also wore a strange necklace in the shape of symbols that he imagined were Greek combined in an interlocking pattern. Ms. G said she picked it up at a Garage sale. But he simply dismissed it as coincidence.

One week two days and three hours later he discovered that it may not be as he was returning that same book, he noticed a strange ring on Ms. D's finger. It was the same strange interlocking symbols as Mrs. G's necklace.

David stood there petrified, everything seemed so far away as realization sunk in he remembered back farther than he should and he saw her standing in the doctor’s office. He was
just a newborn. And again in kindergarten then as memories flooded back, he saw her and his connection to him as if a giant book had opened up, and all of its contents flooded into his head. He could hear sounds in the distance he came back flooding back into himself to realize it was Ms. D, ''Are you alright?'' she asked looking at him.

‘‘Um uh...yeah'' he stuttered barely managing words out of his mouth, ‘just haven't been feeling very well today''. He turned around and walked deceptively calm out the door and into the hall.

David left the library and immediately started devising a plan to expose the librarian. In truth, David was afraid, and he had the right to be. He had to find out if the symbols were just coincidence or maybe something more.

David awoke and immediately started getting dressed and he grabbed a bag filled with supplies. He ran quietly down the stairs and only stopped around his parents’ bedroom to make sure they were still sleeping.

It was about twelve at night and it was cool outside only a slight breeze rustled tree leaves. David ran down the sidewalk trying to stick to the shadows in his black clothes. He was about a block away from the school when he heard the slow rumble of a car engine. He turned around and jumped behind a bush just in time to see the car take a left about a block away. Feeling silly, he continued to the school.


David looked around but could see no way up to the roof. He knew that if he could get on it, he could get in. he spotted a pipe and clambered up. He looked around for the small window that inside was in the main office. He saw it and quickly ran over to it boards creaking noisily as he crossed. He unlatched it and dropped down from the low ceiling. The room with the files was located directly left of the main office' desk. He searched the filing cabinets for D. finding it; he pulled out the small door and looked for Ms. D. as soon as he found it he opened it up. The file had all personal info on Ms. D, who’s' actual last name was D. according to the file she had worked there for about a month. David read the next line and gaped in disbelief. It said that Mrs. D was fifty eight years old, but she barely looked a day past twenty five.

Suddenly, a soft smooth hand grabbed onto his shoulder. He jumped and tried to shake loose but the hand held him there like and iron clamp. The person turned him around. It was Ms. D.
''Boy you have no idea what you've gotten yourself into!'', she said with a snarl. David saw a fist, and before he knew what hit him (literally), he was out cold.

David slowly awoke to find that he was bound by straps into a cold metal chair. He looked around the room, it was small dark, but mostly it stunk. David almost threw up several times as he noticed a rotting corpse in front of him, flesh peeling away and blood everywhere. He then realized that it was fairly fresh. David turned his head toward what looked like an old style archway door, the kind he used to see in old magazines of Rome. He could here footsteps, and they were coming closer. David feared for his life as the handle on the rusted metal door turned. Light flooded in as a short little man walked in. the man was wearing all white and was balding. The man walked over to him and slowly pulled a giant needle out of a pouch he had strapped around his waist. He tested it and wiped off the end. The man looked at him for the first time and began to walk forward. David winced in pain as the needle stuck into his chest through his ribs. The needle felt as though it was glowing white hot, and he could feel the strange liquid flowing into him. For the first time the man talked, “I am sorry about the discomfort. You may experience extreme pain, trembles, and surges of strength and energy, this is completely normal. I am required to ask you to stay calm.”The man had a Russian accent, but David barely heard him, he was too focused on the pain. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the man leave the room. Ten just as the man said, the trembles came.

“Extraordinary!” Ms. D. exclaimed. “He actually survived.” D and her servant No Name were standing in a small room looking through a one way glass window into the room David was in.
“What would you like me to do with him?”No Name asked
“Teach him, get him on our side.”D looked down on the small man and he quickly looked away mumbling yes mam.

David awoke from his pain-induced slumber to the sound of the metal door unlatching and opening. He lolled his head to face the screeching sound and saw the short little man again. David groaned as he remembered the horribly plainly event that took place in the last twenty four hours.
“You are a very lucky boy, you know that.”The man paced around him as he talked, “for some godforsaken reason, she wants you alive.”David stared at the man as he suddenly stopped and walked over to David, “It is time to come with me.”

David and the man No Name walked down the musty dark hallway for a long time before them finally

Stopped at a small rusty door. The man opened the door and walked inside turning on a small bright light as he passed the switch. Inside the room were dozens of small chairs, like the ones you would see in a middle school. “Sit” the man instructed. David sat in the closest seat which was the front one in the middle row and the man began to talk, “Do you know why you are here?” David shook his head. “Well you are here because you are special, and you must realize there are others like you. I’m going to be strait forward with you. You are what we people here at this organization call a Decider, or a creator. You are a person, who, with the right training of course, could and will be able to bend reality to your own will.” David gave him a confused look and the man groaned before he continued to talk. “Alright say you are really thirsty and have nothing to drink, many things might happen to get you to be able to drink, someone may give you money, or even a full bottle of water.” David was now beginning to understand. “Now the thing you must understand is that you are not that powerful. The more powerful you are the bigger the things you can control. However there are many truths that you cannot and never will be able to change. For example you cannot begin to go back in time. Many people have tried and most have eventually died. Another thing you cannot do is bring the dead back to life the most powerful have tried, and failed.” David looked at him and thought back remembering finding money on the ground or strangers giving it to him whenever he wanted to buy something, and he was very accomplished in academics and athletics. “Now listen there is one last thing you need to kn-.” No Name was cut off by the sudden movement in the chair. He stopped pacing and looked around. He did not see David anywhere. He turned around and was met by David’s fist hitting him square in the face. He was out cold.

David’s first thought was to run, but that was before he saw the glint of a key on No Names belt. He took it and went out into the hall. He looked one way and then the next but the hallway seemed to be never ending. David looked toward the left again and blinked in surprise what before was a never-ending hallway was now a front door. Fearing if he looked the other way again it would disappear, he ran. The door was locked ‘of course’, so David took out the key he took from the man and unlocked it. Outside, the air was fresh and it was daytime, ‘good’ David thought ‘there’s people out now. David could hear footsteps running down the hallway coming closer and closer. David didn’t waste any time. He sprinted away, feeling free for the first time in days.

David knew better than to try the police, and it was a while before he really realized how alone he was, and also how hungry he was. He pulled out his wallet and groaned no money. ‘Great ‘David thought sarcastically ‘no money. ‘Just then a twenty dollar bill floated down the sidewalk and landed at his feet, and for the first time that day, he smiled.

David was eating a sub sandwich in a local fast food place when the news came on. At first he didn’t care, but then he heard his name and lifted his head. “David Shallowater, age 19 was found dead this morning in a terrible accident at the intersection of fourth and Wallington”. The weatherman from the TV said, “Police say that they will continue to investigate this, but we are not yet able to release details, what we do know is that he will be sorely missed.” The news continued and he threw down his sub feeling sick. He looked around. Other families were staring at him as they slowly realized he looked exactly like the picture of the boy shown on the TV. As realization sunk in, David began to realize just how powerful these people are. They control the police, they control the news. They control David’s only ways to get help. David ran out of the small diner and thought of a plan. First he needed shelter, something that could fit a lot of people, He also needed a book to write in and some supplies, mostly food. He remembered the small man say there were more like him. Well David decided they’re going to need some help.

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