Death in the slightest

October 19, 2010
My shocking orange eyes exploded inside his head. His thoughts were normal considering the situation, most people who were about to die usually thought the same thing. "Why now?", "this is it," and the forever constant "god help me." He was frightened of me, as he should be. I could see right into his very soul, I knew the evil that lerked within his heart. A murderous soul reaked of bloodshed and insanity, something I've come quite accustomed to in my line of work; avenging has its drawbacks.

I circled him like a stray vulture, hunger and justice pulsing throught my veins sporadically, pulling me closer to him. He stood quitely, watching my every move.

"When I want you dead, you will be," my voice rang out, echoing off the banisters. The fear taking over my prey deepened. I stopped moving and he ran; also a normal reaction when someone knows their life is coming to an end. I slid my hand to the jagged daggar that was strapped in velcro around my leg. I gripped the hilt and flung it directly at my fleeing victim's back. The daggar sliced through the air and came in contact with flesh, piercing the skin and dripping crimson to the floor. As my assailant fell to the floor I walked to his body and wrapped both my hands around his head. Blood pulped out of his mouth in loud gags; I held on tighter. I made him look at me, I forced his envious green eyes to look directly into my orange ones. Whispers of hate gathered about in his thoughts; his mind was fading. I had to make him burn.

I forced all the power behind my eyelids into his own, his screams filled my ears but I held my gaze. Burts of smoke left his eyes until they blew apart. His blood splatter did not connect with my translucent body, it did however litter the ground behind me. I dropped his forsaken to the floor. "It's done." I spat to the sky. No reply came, not that I was expecting one. I grabbed my coat and left the abandoned building. Walking out towards the human infested streets made me realize this wasn't over, but for now, I was left to be just another face in the crowd.

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