October 18, 2010
Gazing up at the bright full moon, I sank my toes into the damp sand and sighed. It was slightly warm, and the ocean water felt good; even if it was only up to my knees. But I wouldn't go further, not after my near drowning only three days ago. I rubbed my green eyes with my pale fists and splashed the salt water onto my face. "You shouldn't be here," his voice warned, making me shiver. "Says you," I snapped, keeping my eyes on the moon. "They can find you," he whispered, walking towards me. "I don't care anymore," I sneered and, surprising him and myself, I dived into the water. But then, I was pulled out and thrown onto the beach. And it wasn't him, it wasn't Cameron. It was them. They'd found me, like Cameron said. And then, without a sound, the world went black.

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living4God said...
Oct. 24, 2010 at 6:39 pm
hmm, it's interesting, are you going to develop the story more? it would be nice to know more of what's going on. :)
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