Yellow Rubber Ducky

October 15, 2010
By , north tonawanda, NY
"Captain huge wave ahead1"- shouted the first mate
"Keep it steady now." -Captain ordered
"Not a wave! I repeat, not a wave!" -yelled the first mate
"Is it she?" - questioned the Captain
"Yes Captain, yes it is!"- first mate shouted
"All hands on deck! Man the harpoons. We have found the beast!"-ordered the Captain

As the deck hands scrambled on deck to arm with weapons, the fearsome beast nailed the left side of the boat. Four men fly over board.
"Man over board!"-a deck hand yelled
"Grab the rope and pull them in!" Captain ordered.

The two closest men ran to the side of the boat and their friends were gone. The shock of their death ended quick when a huge waved smacked them in the face and sent them to the other side.

"Get up! We must catch her!" The captain screamed
"Our sights are gone." a man bellowed
"She's gone Captain." the first mate sad sadly
"No. She's still out there. I can feel it!" Captain argued

As he finished his sentence the monstrous being arose from the sea. The beady black eyes, orange and yellow body, stood above the boat. The men stuck in one position, look in awe at the beast.

"Our time is up." Captain said softly
"It's been an adventure today and tomorrow we will see each other again." the first mate said
"We must go down in a fight! fire!" Captain screamed

Before the captain could get out his order, all of a sudden the boat started slowly spinning in a counter clockwise direction. The mammoth beast dove under water and was gone.

"We are stuck in a whirlpool." A deck hand yelled
"Grab the side of the boat and hold on" the captain ordered

The boat started spinning faster and faster. The force of the rotation flung men out of the boat. The head of the monster popped out of the water. Not even she could get away. The boat started to sink and the yellow head of the beast vanished. As everyone thought death was the answer, the water started to shallow. Then the water was all gone. The only thing left was dead bodies, a wrecked ship and a few survivors.

"Captain we got her." the first mate said jokingly.
"yes we did, and in perfect fashion. Our adventure time is up." Captain answered

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