X Marks the Spot Chapter Two Once Upon a Dawn

October 14, 2010
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“All hands on deck! We’re under attack! Get into positions!” I yelled.

At first it seemed like I was only yelling to the ship. Then all at once, my crew came rushing on deck. They were ready to defend themselves and the ship. I felt the ship slowly turn as we tried to outmaneuver Liddy’s naval ship.

Admiral Liddy was the certain someone who always tries to hunt and arrest us. She is the reason we can call ourselves pirates. Surprisingly, her ship turned in sync with ours. Part of me was amused while most of me was very annoyed.

“DJ Lennox, you and your crew are under arrest! You can’t escape this time! Prison bars will be your new scenery!” I heard Liddy call.

I rolled my eyes at her petty little speech. It’s always the same. As the sun continued to rise, Liddy chased our ship as we tried to avoid her. For two hours she chased us until one of her men came up to her. I almost laughed as her face fell. Liddy turned her ship in the opposite direction and sailed away from us.

“Well, that was unusual. Liddy never gives up chasing us. What do you suppose happened, DJ?” Tony, my best friend, asked me.

“She must’ve gotten an assignment. Hopefully, we can reach Port Greenwood before she advances on us once more. Get to your stations and start working. We have a port to reach in less than two days,” I ordered.

Most of the day went by rather smoothly. Suddenly, a strong storm appeared out of thin air. My crew rushed about trying to secure all valuable items as the waves tried to bring us under their unforgiving torrents. When everything was secure, I retired to my cabin for a night of sleep.

My eyes shut just as soon as my head hit the pillow. Staying up all night was not a good plan. My body was exhausted so I let sleep claim me. It seemed like only seconds had passed when I started dreaming about Port Greenwood and Jo.

“So, you guys are pirates? That’s pretty cool. Can I join your crew?” Jo asked me quietly.

I looked at her thoughtfully. She was the first girl to ask me if they could join my crew. For once, the words couldn’t come out of my mouth. After a few minutes, I could speak to her without messing up too much.

“We would love to have you on our crew, but we don’t have enough supplies for another member right at this moment. Tell you what. When I come back to Port Greenwood, you can join my crew,” I said apologetically.

Jo’s face lit up with anticipation. She was happy to wait as long as she could join. My crew would benefit greatly with her as a crewmember. It would make things a little easier and different for us all.

“Do you promise that I can join your crew? You have to mean it,” Jo said.

“I promise, Jo. You will be apart of our crew one day,” I said.

Just as soon as the dream started, it ended. Another took its place. This memory was not as pleasant as the one I just experienced.

Father was about to raid another ship that we were approaching. I never liked to watch him destroy the ship and kill the people but he made me watch regardless of how I felt.

“This is what a true pirate does for a living. Learn my ways, son, and you’ll be a great pirate. Never show any mercy because that’s a sign of weakness.” He told me.

“I don’t want to be a killer, Father. Pirates are supposed to be bound by the sea not by killing. Please don’t make me watch,” I begged.

Father laughed at me and forced me to watch him demolish the ship. I vowed then and there to never become like him. I would be a pirate but one that didn’t kill people and showed no mercy.

I groggily woke up from my sleep. Memories of my past have seemed to haunt me. As I became more aware, a feeling told me that something had changed. The ship had come to a standstill. Two options were possible at this moment. One, we hit a sandbar. Two, we have reached Port Greenwood. I hoped for the latter.

The sound of a city hit my ears as I walked on deck. We had reached Port Greenwood sometime during the night. Jo would be apart of our crew in a matter of days.

Port Greenwood looked the same as last time. Little houses and shops lined the coast. More productive businesses hung toward the mainland. People rushed over the streets bustling with their on activities.

My crew appeared behind me as I stared at this amazing port. They all remembered why we were here. My promise that I made five years ago would kept. I couldn’t wait until Jo was sailing with us.

“I’m going to find Jo and tell her that we’re here. You guys can go find somewhere to eat. I’ll meet you in about two hours,” I said.

Once my feet walked onto the streets, I started heading in the direction of where Jo used to live. With any luck, she’ll still live in the same house. Within minutes, my body stopped in front of a familiar sight.

The house in front of me was old but it held a certain effect on it. It stood two stories high and had faded paint along the edges. White covered the house with a black trim. The windows were cracked but still held some beauty. Several memories flashed in my mind as I stepped forward to knock on the door.

The sound echoed through the house. I waited patiently for someone to come to the door. Finally, my ears heard someone shuffling to front. As the door opened, my eyes widened in shock. The person in front of me was not Jo. In fact, I didn’t know this person.

“Can I help you, sir?” the old woman in front of me asked.

“Ummmmmm….could you please tell me where I could find Jo Greene by any chance?” I asked nervously.

to be continued.....

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crazybookworm123 said...
Oct. 20, 2010 at 12:43 pm
Hi, i am the author of this article and the 13 chapters that follow.  if you want to know what happens, please share your comments.  the faster you comment, the faster i'll post the next chapter.
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