Freebird, Chapter One: Lost Convoy

October 14, 2010
By -Alone_Wolf- BRONZE, Montevallo, Alabama
-Alone_Wolf- BRONZE, Montevallo, Alabama
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"ya ya boy"
"and when he gets to heaven to saint peter he will tell,one more soldier reporting sir ive served my time in hell"

“Boom” as the mortar exploded right next to me.The Iraqi ensurgens started moving in toward us.“Charlie” my best friend John Marvo yelled,as he called for reinforcements.“Charlie this place is getting to damn hot.Lets get the hell out of here.” As we pulled back the battle was getting worse.They were bringing in more artillery and reinforcements.“The Hmmv is right over there” yelled Tim, our squad leader. He pointed toward a tan Hmmv that had just been dropped of about Forty-Five minutes ago.When we pulled off,the planes were all ready coming in.“Faster”John yelled.“Shes going as fast as she can” Jack Replied.Then I spotted it.“RPG” I yelled as Jack swerved and barley missed it. We all had a sudden fear going through us when we saw an American Convoy headed toward our way. “They’re headed the wrong way!” John grabbed the radio “Convoy this is Unit Freebird,pull back now! The battlefield is getting ready to be blown up” said John into the radio.But the only that came back was the sound of explosion.

Thats just a Taste its not published yet!!!!!

The author's comments:
Thats right its not published yet but it will soon when its typed.Well I got the idea from my old best friend growing up with (Ryan).and that and movies..if u liked the first chapter plz feel free contact me for a copy of the whole thing its 12 chapters long and i wrote it in a notebook right now im getting it typed.

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