Spartan Soldier

October 11, 2010
By bigbgibbs BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
bigbgibbs BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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I was born 1408 C.E when the Spartans where around. I was the fearless the elders told me and said I had to go to a camp to become a Spartan. I was in there ever since I was seven know I am thirty. I have been in many battles and there is going to be one that will sweep the world and every will see how much power Sparta has. It is three days before the battle and we are all heading off and I told my wife that I will come back and be with her. She gave me a kiss that chilled my entire body and she said she loved me and she said she would be waiting for me. Then I turned and left with the others. It has been a long journey but we are almost there. We can hear the footsteps of our enemy approaching. We can tell we our out numbered we only have 600 soldiers it sounds like they have 2000. our commander told us to get ready so we got in our stance in rows if five. We put our shields in front of us and our spears out in front of the shield. There was fog and we could hear the roar of our enemy getting closer. Then emerging from the fog there was our enemy. Our commander said “ we fight for Sparta we do not fear our enemy we kill everyone leave none alive.” Then at the top of his lunges he yelled THIS IS SPARTA. Then our enemies ran into our shields and we held them back then pushed them back. lifted our shield and attacked them with our swords. Then put our shields back down. Fleet by fleet the Persians just keep coming it seemed like there was a never-ending wave of them. They just keep coming and we just kept killing them one by one they fell to the ground none of them stud a chance. Then we got ambushed from the back they took out about 25 of our men. Then our leader turned around and took out about half of them then we joined in and took out the rest. After the ambush was over there was no more Persians attacking so the other men went around and killed the men that were on the ground that were still alive. Mean while the commander turned towards me and asked me to go over the battle plan with him. While we where discussing the plan the sky got real dark then our commander told us to put our shields over our heads. Then while we where waiting there then an arrow hit my shield then thousands of arrows came down on top of us one of our men did not hear our commander and he ended up dieing because the arrows falling from the sky killed him. We got up and there was arrows all over the ground and in our shields. Then after that it was silent nobody moved we sat there waiting for something but nothing happened all you could hear is the cold wind blow. Then from behind us they attacked with horses. they must of found a way around the mountain. know we are getting attacked from both sides. i told our leader that there was a goat path that they must of took. He said to me “you knew about this and never told me about it”. I said to him “I never had a chance we have been getting attacked non-stop”. He said “you have a point”. Then as I turned I saw a huge black shadow form above me. I had no idea what it was he did not even look human. He looked like he was from he swung his sword at me it hit my shield and it hurt so bad that I dropped the shield. He swung again but I was able to move out of the way in time. He swung once more I moved out of the way but he got my brother in the back. Then with all my strength I tackled him off the cliff I was able to grab the ledge. But he fell off onto the rocks below when he hit I could he his bones crush as he hit the rocks. I manged to pull myself up. There on the ground was my brother’s body. I ran over to him and held his body in my arms. I said “hold in there you are going to be fine stay with me don’t you die on me. He said back to me with his last breath “you are the best brother anybody could ever have. Then I was holding my brothers lifeless body in my arms. I cried over him thinking it was not happening to me why to me. Then the rage of war came over me and all I did was slaughter thousands of Persians. As the battle came to an end I stood on a pile of Persians I just killed. As the warm blood of my enemy dripped down my face I realized that my only task is to avenge my fallen brother. The final battle was finally here there where thousands of them and know there is only about 150 men left but we fight to the end no matter what. We charged at them with full force but they trapped us an shoot down all of us. But I was still fighting I saw the emperor I had a clear shoot I thru my spear and flu thru the air it hit him right in the head and he died instantly. Then the Persians stopped and then they started to walk away. Then I came back home to my wife and my empire was safe until the Persians get another emperor until then I will enjoy my time with my wife.

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