The forgotten

October 11, 2010
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“Scream!!!!!!!!!!!” Bob was right in front of the fearsome creature that had the look of stretched burnt skin as if it has been newly formed and it also had three inch claws. His best friend was dead and he was all alone.

“NOOOOOOOOOOO!!” “Beep beep,” Sounded the largely loud clock. “What a nightmare?” said Bob as he got up from his dreadful bed and going to the morning meeting that they have every morning to explain their objective for the next twenty-four hours.

“Bob! Where are you Bob?” yelled Zachariah his best friend, they have known each other for most of their life.

“I am right here u doofus. What do you want?” said Bob as he finished making the bed.
“I heard you and me were the ones picked to explorer that uncharted mountain everyone has been talking about!” yelled Zach in a very excited voice.
“What!!! This weekend is my day off so that I can spend time with my boy,” said Bob in a very angry voice that he only used when he was mad at someone.
“If we chart it all they’ll pay us one million dollars. Anyways I know you need to pay off your debt so come on!” said Zach.
“Ok. I’ll be ready,” said Bob.
An hour later the two buddies left for the mission. They all were scared because they knew enough that the mountains cave could fall and doom them all. But they all needed the cash and decided to take the task.
“Wow they didn’t say this icy mountain was this beautiful,” Zach said, as he was the most sensitive one on the crew.
Bob was the muscle man and could get out of any thing but even him was scared and wonders what was down at the bottom of the unknown cave.
“Time to load up and go guys and remember don’t talk unless you have to just in case the cave does decide to fall. And here are some bombs be careful these are needed to clear the path just in case,” explained bob. They found the cave entrance and went in. It was very damp and wasn’t as cold as outside but still a little chilly and had a distinct smell of rotten corpses but they just kept walking thinking it was just a animal who died of the harsh weather.
“Zach!!!” yelled bob as they heard a rumbling sound all of the sudden.
“Get out! Get out!” yelled Bob as he knew the entrance was falling in. They were to slow and were trapped in the cave.
“Nooooo! We don’t have enough bombs to get out.” yelled Zach.
“Ssssshhhhh….. there might be another way out. And we don’t want it to fall again if there is,” said Bob.
The two of them agreed and kept moving. Their tension rose as fast as a thermometer on a hot day as they descended farther in the cave. None of them talk at all unless they had an ideal but still whispered it at quiet as possible. But it was always the ideal to follow the leader Nick. They just walk and walk as they past unfamiliar marking on the wall but was very common in unmarked cave so they didn’t stop to check or find out what period of time they were made.
All the sudden they came to an open wide part of the cave. They thought they were close when they thought to hear an animal running away. They followed the sound hoping it would lead them to the exit.
Bob fell as he said, “What is this?” They all came to see what he was talking about. It seemed to be a pile of blood and bones.
“This isn’t just any cave,” said Zach.
“What do you mean?” Bob applied.
“Did you hear about that cave on the news were they said the explorers were attack by something but they just didn’t know what it was that attacked them,” said Zach.
“What is that expose to mean? Are we here to explore or to find out what happened down here?” said Bob.
“What was that?” yelled Zach. They all noticed a screeching sound coming from right next to them. Screams unleashed as they pointed their flashlights at a monster. Its fangs were about a foot and it stood double their size. They all ran as fast as they could to try and escape the ugly thing just in case it was dangerous. But it was and came after them.
“What is that?” Bob said.
“I kind of don’t want to stay and find out,” replied Zach.

“That’s the end of the transmission. We believe they didn’t find evidence of the camera in their helmet. We also think that they did not make it,” said a camera specialist as he was documenting this file as top secret.

“Well this is over for now. Tell their family that an avalanche killed them and they were not found,” said an agent of a secret company.

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