October 11, 2010
It was a sunny Saturday morning it was going to be a good day but it was suppose to be above a hundred again... I got to go to the dirt bike race. But this time is different instead of watching I get to race and best of all my best friend Jeff will be there. For my birthday two weeks ago I got a dirt bike and now I’m here. I saw a lot of kids from school they were not very nice.
Finally the announcer called for the 85 beginner class my dad wished me luck then me and Jeff left. When we arrived we picked are spot then we were waiting the gate dropped we were gone. I got the whole shot and led the whole race lintel the last lap when I went in to the third corner and I felt something hit me lightly I thought I was taking the corner to fast, then I fell and saw number 567 go by me. I knew he hit me. I got 23 out of 40.
I got back to the pit and my dad said I did well and then Jeff came he got 36th. We headed home and stopped, and got a pizza. Jeff spent the night .The next day we washed are bikes and watched football the cowboys beat the colts which was good cause I hate the colts and love the cowboys. The next day at school I saw the kid who hit me he gave me a smirk and laughed a little. The next weekend there was two races and a practice night, I was going to all three. On Friday the practice night me and Jeff went out to get used to the changes on the track that they made from the last week. I got the 4th fastest lap time for the 85 beginner class I had a 1 minute 36 second lap time.

When I got home I realized I had a flat tire which would have been bad but Jeff’s dad owned a tire shop so we fixed it. I had to get up at 6 to get ready we met Jeff there. We sat around and waited for are class to be called finally they did. I did pretty good the whole race I got 12th out of 85 Jeff got 9th. The kid from school hit me again I was getting tired of him. We spent the night there since the next morning there was a practice run at 7:30. The practice run came we saw a kid from school he was racing in are class. I did good at the practice the mean kids from school weren’t there which was good maybe I could win for once. We sat around for 4 hours and fine. We sat around for 4 hours and finally they called us.

When we got up there the kid from school was there. They dropped the gate I hit the bully kid he fell and I couldn’t go any further my clutch was broke and my front wheel was bent. My dad was mad we had to talk to the track manager. I didn’t know what would happen I was scared. They banned me from the track for 6 races that would mean I could race the very last race of the season. That night I fixed my bike and rode on a trail behind my house. The next day at school the bully was fine. A couple weeks later the kid from school broke his arm the bully hit him.
One day before I could race if I won I would be the champion. Jeff spent the night and we went to the track the next day. The gate dropped and we left the kid hit me once I kept going. I got 1st Jeff got 2nd . We got back and a guy offered us a sponsorship for Honda we both said yes. I went on to win 6 supper cross championships Jeff broke his back and never raced again but he was my crew chief.

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