The Last Chance

October 8, 2010
Ben stood in the middle of the wreckage, where the building once stood. He looked around, then at his sister Jacklyn and her best friend Abby, who stood staring openmouthed. Ben put his hands behind his head and smiled. "Well, I think were done here." Hayden walked up, then kicked Sniper, who lay on the ground. He blinked a few times, then looked at Ben, his blue eyes smiling. "Ben you just took out a whole building and that's all you can say?" he said, shaking with laughter. "I am happy to call you my best friend. Ben smiled. "Thanks Buddy!" Suddenly Courtney screamed. Everyone whirled around. "Guys, we still have to take down the laser!!!!!!!" she said, looking around for some aid of transportation. Kaitlyn and Maddy immediatley spotted a garbage truck. "That!" Said Maddy, pointing toward it. "Madison and Abby get in with us!" Madison took two steps back, pulling her dirty blond curly hair back into a ponytail. "Oh no." She said, shaking her head. "I don't wanna smell like a skunk afterword." Maddy looked at her "Do you want to be dead, or not?" She said. Madison sighed. "Let's go." The four of them got into the garbage truck and sped towards Sniper's apartment. When they got out, they hopped off and went to to side enterance. As Maddy tried to turn invisible, she was grabbed by the throat. After being forcefully turned around, she was face to face with Sniper, a mere stub of himself. He grinned menicingally, spitting in her face. "" he rasped, squeezing her tighter. She turned to look at Madison, Abby and Kaitlyn, who were being held down by a couple minions. Suddenly he was blown away, and Maddy fell to the ground. Looking down the alleway, she saw Alex, Gabe and Tanner standing there. Grinning, she watched as Alex and Gabe ripped the minions off. Tanner stood on Sniper and said "Told you I'm your worst nightmare." he said, kicking Sniper. He winced, then fell silent. They raced upward, pushing the elevator to go faster. Sneaking into his apartment, they found the laser, shaking and spitting out green poison. Dillon, Jake and Jordan stood, trying to take it apart. Suddenly the green goo came onto the ground, and Drew reappeared. They looked at eachoher, helplessley. "What are we going to do?" Shrieked Abby. Maddy looked at Jordan and they both nodded their heads. "We need to get Megan, Aryn, Chelsea, and Olivia here now!" Jordan said. Gabe whipped out his phone and started dialing. Jordan ripped the phone out of his hand. "Megan, get everyone here, and steal it, along with the trampoline. Get Daniel up here too." Megan replied and Jordan snapped the phone shut. Jake looked around "Kaitlyn, Madison grab that glass!" The girls picked up the mirror on the ground. Jake looked at the window. He motioned towards Gabe and Gabe blasted the window open. Jake looked down, the wind blowing in his face. "Megan's here!" he said. Jordan looked down. "Excellent. Abby, Alex, Gabe, myself and Tanner will go down first." Suddenly Jake pulled him back. Daniel flew in, landing in the corner. "That hurt." he said, shaking his head. Jordan picked up Abby, already materialized. "Play catch Abby." he said, throwing her down. The rest jumped, leaving only Daniel, Kaitlyn and Madison. Daniel looked at them. "Stand in front of the laser and hold the mirror there." he said. They did as they were told. Daniel put his hand on the laser, then exploded. The laser exploded with it, sending Kaitlyn and Madison backwards. They fell through the air, covering their head to avoid the glass. After landing on the matress with a soft plop! They looked up. All that remained was a big cloud of smoke. They looked up to find everyone staring at them, then watch as Lexie and Nicole crawled across the matress to hug them. "We did it!" Said Ben and Hayden, pumping their fists. "we saved the world"

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