The Magical Orb Part 6

October 8, 2010
By SwimmerChickHP GOLD, Burlington, Massachusetts
SwimmerChickHP GOLD, Burlington, Massachusetts
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A week later, Lymara was all better and her headache was going away. She had slept for two days, but was filled with her old energy when she woke up. My mom said it was alright for her to stay with us for the time being. I was so glad.
Then, one night, I randomly woke up in the middle of the night. The voices had stopped when I came home, but I had heard them again in my head that night. I felt myself getting out of bed and silently walking down the hall towards the living room. I even put my glasses on. I can’t be sleepwalking. If I was, I wouldn’t be conscious. Stepping into the living room, I looked over and saw the orb on a shelf, exactly where I put in a week prior. My brain had no control over what was happening. My feet moved of their own accord and the voices simply kept repeating join us, join, you will not regret it.
I picked up the orb, with my bare hands this time, and nothing happened. I could not contemplate on it, however, because my feet began taking me outside. No! What’s going on? Where am I going? My thoughts were frantic as my feet finally stopped. The only difference was that now, the orb began to glow and I felt that comfortable warmth for the third time in a month, the one that I only felt when I had teleported. I felt my eyes grow wide and my heart begin to pump faster, bringing the blood to my face, but I couldn’t drop the orb. Everything began fading and then grew white for a second. When the white cleared away, I saw an all-too familiar castle loom up in front of me.
“No…” I whispered. “It can’t be.”
“Oh, but it is.” An evil voice said behind me. I slowly turned around to find the evil wizard who had tortured me and tried to kill me standing a few feet away from me.
“I told you that you would join me and now you shall.” I tried to respond, but found I couldn’t. My mouth was dry from fear and my brain seemed to have stopped working completely, but the voices were still there, telling me what to do. I couldn’t ignore them now. They had proved to be too powerful. I could only pray that Lymara would get me out of this mess.

The author's comments:
This is the continuation of "The Magical Orb Part 5." I left it as a cliffhanger on purpose so that if people like this story I will write a sequel.

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