The Magical Orb Part 5

October 8, 2010
That’s when everything began fading. I was enveloped in comfortable warmth. If this is death, it’s not so bad. The image of the rocks raining down on me began looking more and more washed out until all I could see was white for a brief moment. The next thing I knew, I was sitting outside the castle next to Lymara, who was holding the orb.

“No!” I yelled, knocking it out of her hands. She was sitting in the same position, eyes fixed upon where the orb once was.

“Lymara? Lymara, can you hear me?” She didn’t respond. “Lymara, please. Why did you risk your life to save mine?” My eyes were welling up with tears at this point. I just couldn’t bear to see Lymara so still, like a statue. I tentatively reached out towards the orb, fearful that touching it might make me go even more insane. I could still hear the voices in my head, but at least I was no longer seeing things that weren’t there. I pulled my hand back in a flash as the orb “burned” me. I ripped off a piece of my shirt and wrapped my hand in it. Picking up the orb, I began to visualize Lymara and I back at my house. I had a limited amount and I was forced to se all of it to teleport us. My energy was draining fast and we still hadn’t moved an inch. I was starting to feel faint when I felt that comfortable warmth again. My body was once again enveloped in it and I cold only hope that Lymara’s was as well. My arms, which had been feeling like lead, felt like they had gained renewed strength.

I opened my eyes and saw my house. I was still in the same position I had been, kneeling next to Lymara, who had appeared right next to me. My arms fell and the orb rolled out my hand. I ignored it for the moment and turned to Lymara, the girl who had gotten me out of that cursed castle. Looking towards the orb which had rolled under a shrub, I stood up and went over to it. I stood there for a moment, simply looking at it. How much power could it have? And where did it even some from? How did that evil wizard get a hold of it? Those questions would have to be answered some other time because right now, I had to get Lymara to a doctor, although I wasn’t sure what they would be able to do. Despite the urgent situation, I gingerly picked up the orb with my clothed hand and carefully went inside and put it on the steps. It was special and had something to do with my future. That I knew and that alone was what made me attend to it and then the blonde. Lymara felt light in my arms. I carried her inside as carefully as the orb and laid her on my couch. I have got a whole lot of explaining to do when my parents come home. Just at that moment I heard the doorbell ring. Opening the door I saw my parents standing there, my mom’s eyes a bright red and my dad had his arm around her shoulders. When she saw me my mom began sobbing and grabbed me in a hug that knocked the wind out of me.

“Mom…please...can’t…breathe…” I gasped.

“Oh…oh my baby boy…where have you been?”

“It’s…complicated. But do you think a friend can stay with us for a while?” I asked my mom while leading her into the living room where Lymara lay.

“As soon as my mom saw the blonde she rushed over to her in a very motherly fashion.

“This girl’s all clammy. Hmm, we’re going to need blankets.” She looked up at me and my dad.

“Well, what are you waiting for? Andrei, I am ecstatic that you’re home, but we must tend to this girl. She is not in a good condition.” My dad and I immediately went off to find some blankets.

“I’m really glad you’re back, son.” My dad said as he hugged me.

“Me too, dad. Me too.”

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