The Magical Orb Part 4

October 8, 2010
By SwimmerChickHP GOLD, Burlington, Massachusetts
SwimmerChickHP GOLD, Burlington, Massachusetts
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“You may have gotten this far, but you will not leave this house alive!” He raised his arms and thunder shook the room again. Lymara reached for the door but stopped and a piece of the wall came crashing down and nearly hit her. I pulled her back just as the stone crashed into small pieces at our feet. Closing my eyes, I summoned all my power to try and get the door to open. Tuning out the room’s shaking and Lymara’s trembling was barely manageable, but in the end I did it. The door opened of seemingly its own accord and as I pushed Lymara through it, something hot hit me square in the back. White dots flashed before my eyes as I fell to my knees in pain. The door had swung shut saving Lymara, but trapping me inside. I could hear her trying to open the door, but I knew that she wouldn’t be able to.

As the wizard approached me I stood up, ready to face him with all I had.

“So, you have finally felt the power within you. I cannot wait to make it mine.” With those words he sent a curse at me. I jumped to the side and ended up banging my hip on the floor, but at least I was not dead. Focusing on the man, I imagined him flying up through the ceiling. Opening my eyes I swore under my breath when he was still there.

“You think you can overpower me with no training? Then you really are dumber than you appear.” He said all of this while laughing in my face. My face was burning up form the anger. I stood up and, ignoring the pain in my side, said to him
“I am stronger than you. Even without any training.” With those words, I sent a blast of energy at the man, causing him to fly backwards and crash into the wall.

“You foolish boy,” He said snarling. “You really should have joined me. I could have made you great. I could have made you become the most powerful wizard in the world. I could have given you the world.” By this time he was whispering in my ear, as if someone else would hear what he has to say. “Instead, you stole my daughter from me and for that you must pay.”

With those words, he pushed me with a blast into the door. Grunting, I stood up, facing him once more.

“I did not steal your daughter. She chose to run away.” I dodged a spell sent my way. “She did not want to stay any longer. She would have run away with one of the other boys-” dodge “-but they weren’t real wizards. The only reason she stayed with you as long as she did-” dodge “-was because she wanted the orb. Since those boys weren’t real wizards, they wouldn’t have made it out alive, and you would have killed her if you have found her with the orb.”

The wizard had stopped casting spells now. I was not sure for what reason, but I hope it as because I was making a good point.

“If she died, she knew that you would never be brought down, never fall, never be overpowered.”

Sneering, the man replied “And then you came along, right? Her little savior.” I subconsciously stood up a bit straighter when he said this.

“Well guess what, savior? She only used you to get out. If she had not hated her life here so much, you would be dead, and those other boys would not have had painless deaths. You can be sure of one thing though. Your death will most certainly NOT be painless.” With those words he sent what appeared to be all his remaining energy, knocking me against the wall and pinning me there. I could not move any of my limbs and my chest felt as if a train was crossing over it. I could not breathe, I was suffocating–
It stopped. I fell to the ground, gasping for precious oxygen. When I tilted my head up the evil wizard was kneeling on the floor. His eyes met my own. They were filled with hatred and disbelief.

“How can you be alive?” He asked me, proving that what I saw in his eyes was true.

“How can you possibly be alive?!” This time he nearly yelled the question, his hands balling into fists, pieces of the ceiling now falling down. When he slammed his fists on the floor, more of the ceiling broke off and began to descend towards us. Using my weak leg muscles I managed to roll out of the way of some, only to be on the route for others. The whole time the wizard was muttering under his breath and looking down at the floor. The voices in my head weren’t helping my thinking process. I had managed to drown them out a bit when I had made the door open the first time, but I didn’t think I had enough energy to do that again.

The author's comments:
This is the continuation of "The Magical Orb Part 3."

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