pirahna man

October 8, 2010
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Meet the Collector

Meet Austin the Australian animal collector, is in a group of people finds and sells kinds of animals, Austin sells types of piranha to make a living. One day Austin started making a lower income due to decrees in catches but he made enough for food and rent… hardly. So he decides to find out what was happing to the piranha to stop biting so later that evening he went back to that river to see the problem so he got in his motorboat to his favorite fishing spot. To Austin’s surprise it was empty he spent a couple hours fishing there and no bites it was empty. So he tried another river to ocean, angrily he threw his fishing supply off his boat realizing what he had done dived after it he had to swim fast because it was heavy and sinking FAST. Down he swam in till he almost had reach when a single piranha swam up to him and started attacking him and so others followed Austin was glad to see piranhas but not like this he was in danger so he had to retreat to the surface.

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