October 8, 2010
By Keontre9 BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
Keontre9 BRONZE, Manhattan, Kansas
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It was a nice mourning, and everyone is just getting up. Susposibly Thomas is supposed to be getting out of jail. Everyone that he was recently associated with was not quite aware of that. But if course after everyone was really trying to hurt him they could care less abou his well being. Seeing that some of the things that happened in their past together, which is the reason Thomas was sent to jail.
Later, Jerome and Kevin and some other guys met in a quiet place inside a business building. Where there weren’t any other nosy people in site. They had to meet there to talk about the heist, they were trying to it plan in less than a week. After Thomas got out of jail he was at the altar picking up some suites. Shortly after that he met up with Kevin they had to talk about some extra cash they might have had coming in. If everyone agreed to make it happen, His plan was to rob two money armored vehicles.
Everyone went in to the “bar room” down stairs and started looking around. “I don’t really know how we are going pull this off”. But it’s going to happen this Friday. Until then we’ve got a lot of preparation that needs to be done”. Jerome left to meet up with some guys, on a construction site. They could get all the explosives they may need. The explosives are so powerful they can blow up the street as soon as the trucks are in the right location. They got the money they would need to pay for the equipment, but the guy they were doing business with was a crook! And after Jerome handed over the money didn't that he didn’t have anything in return. Than he said”, You can find your way out and Jerome turned towards the door and looked for a minute, then he jerked himself back around and hit the dude out cold. Then that’s when the man’s crew heard something going on, and came rushing to the front I knocked all them all of them out, except one. But then Kevin came through and had him laid flat on the floor and had his gun up to his face and said “I'll put three holes in you head like a bowling ball pen boy”, then there a slight wave of “silence!” Now as Jerome was gasping for air he said” I had it under control”. Dude replied and said go ahead. Everything is in the shed out back, take it all. So the next mourning they started putting everything together.
After all that took place everyone headed home and as the cops were looking for them. they got their guns locked and loaded. Jerome and his brother headed out the door, The house there were some bright light form all cop cars pointing at the house. And right before they got far from front of the house, they were shot and killed right on the spot… As well as everyone else still racing to get the money. Kevin got caught trying to get away in plain sight. With the brief cases of money, but he was caught and they killed him as well and who ever was still alive took the money and left out of state with it…

The End!

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