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October 8, 2010
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I have a friend named Jonny he is the biggest game freak I’ve ever seen, its all day this game, and all day that game. He even cuts school when a new game comes out. Sometimes he will forget to do his homework or even take a bath, and I’ve seen him go a week without food. But lately it’s got worst I can’t even get my best friend to come outside so I devised a plan to get him into something else besides video games. I’m sure that if this doesn’t help nothing will.

Bang, shoot, blast, “I sure do love these war games, there my favorite”.
“Yea I know you already told me”.
“Jack why did you want to see me at your house I got way better games at mine we can go over there to play”.
“Nope were not going to play games today Jonny”.
“Why not”,
“Because, were going on an adventure”.
“Like what bike riding, swimming, chicken chasing, tell me”.
“Nope were going to War”.
“You know guns, shooting, heads exploding things like that”.
“No I’m not going to war, what would my mom say”.
“I already asked her your going”.
“I don’t want to though”.
“To bad you’re going”. So after 5 hrs of complaining he finally agreed to go, we got on a plane and went to an island with no civilization no phone or anything.

“So what’s your great plan now that were here I thought u said we were going to play war”? “What war are we going to rein act,”
“were not going to rein act a war were going to start one”.
“What but how.”
“Well first this island is inhabited with creatures”.
“What kind of creatures?”
“But those aren’t real”!
“They are here”.
“But how”?
“Well Jonny something with a scientist I don’t really know so there just stop asking questions”.
“Fine, when do we start”?

Jack threw a rifle at Jonny he caught it and flinched and seemed surprised, they began to run.
Then a zombie came running behind them it had dark gray skin, blood red eyes, and green slime stringing from its mouth, and a bloodthirsty appetite. Jack yelled to Jonny,
“Shoot, shoot, hurry”. He shut his eyes pulled the trigger and hit him square in the head. Jack yelled out “good hit man”. They continued to run until they came to a large tree there they found it was rotted out on the inside, so they went in to rest.

“What was that thing”!
“I already told you it was a zombie”. “But look you shot one wasn’t that a bit more exciting then killing one in a game”.
“Maybe, but still it’s not safe. “The ground is so wet everywhere, I see no animals, plants are growing wild, and the sky is red what is up with all this”. “How could you bring us here Jack out of everything we could of done you chose to come here, this place is terrible you’re so stupid how do you think we’re going to get back”.
“I don’t know, but we should get moving it’s not good to stay in one spot for to long”.

They ran out of the tree there were already 10 zombies waiting there for them, Jack, and Jonny began firing this time Jonny had a bit more courage and shot with his eyes open, but his long hair and baggy pants were making him trip kind of as they were running so he had to hold them up at the same time But it seemed like jack was prepared for this cause he was wearing camouflage shorts and a tang top, and just got his hair cut short. They kept running till they came to the end of the island and was surrounded by water and a wall of zombies. The air was cold, and there was a slight breeze, and the zombies made the area smell like rotten food left out for a week. But then in a split second a zombie jumped on Jack and threw him in the crowd of zombies, they went wild Jonny stunned just began firing at the crowd killing them one by one. But when Jonny got there Jacks body was gone. He began crying out of rage it was his friend who brought them here and he’s the one who dies.
“I’ll kill them, I’ll kill them all”! He screamed out.
He ran into the jungle, with piercing eyes that could burn a hole in steel. He shot zombie after zombie, goop flying everywhere, he was covered in there blood. He ran till he found a group of zombies, and in the center was Jack, he ran through shot them all and kneeled at his friend. Through this crying and yelling there was a voice that said,
“Now wasn’t that more fun then playing a video game”.

Jack stood up and said,
“That was the most fun I ever had”.
“But how are you alive”. “
Come on only you would truly believe there were zombies, come on out everybody”.

“See it was all just a game nothing else, no real danger at all, well unless u fell off of a cliff but I don’t think you’re that dumb.”
“Well who are all these people then if there not zombies”. Everyone took off their mask and Jonny saw that it was all his friends, family, and parents, even his grandma.

“See everyone wanted to help you get some real adventure, not just playing video games all the time, oh and in case you’re wondering that gun you been shooting is a cap gun just a noise maker for kids. So do you see now how wonderful real life is and how stupid all you’re video games are”.
“Yea but can we go home now I’m kind of tired”.
“Good I can’t wait to play my games”.

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