Benito and Aquiles

October 13, 2010
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In San Pedro Sula city every night drug dealers deliver packages to their clients. San Pedro Sula is a beautiful place, with lot of cars. At night many lights are turned on and it looks very beautiful.

One of the most recognized drug dealers in San Pedro Sula has to deliver a package right now. He is called Benito Carlos “The Bull”. Benito is a fat person and he is very aggressive but if you treat him good he will not be aggressive with you. He is going to deliver the package to one of his best client and he is going with his best friend of all time “Shoro” and other gang members.

Benito is driving this time.
Time to get up, said Benito.

Shoro gets up and they went to the client’s house. In the road they see a police car and Benito sprints.
Hurry, hurry said Shoro they are behind us.
The police man catches Benito and all the gang members. The police man found the entire drug. Benito was not going to let go all that money that he expended on the drug. “Pasame el fusil Chele said Benito”. Chele passes an AK-47 to Benito and Benito kills the two police men that were in the car.

The next day in the newspaper it appeared that two police man were dead and his friend “Shoro”. They were not scared because the police have been looking for them for a year now. They are sleeping and at 2:00 the phone rang. Benito answered the phone and said
Hey Benito I need you to bring me some weed.
How much do you need.
As many as you have.
Ok I will be there in 30 minutes.

Shoro we need to deliver a package, said Benito. All right let’s do this said Shoro. Come on this time you drive said Benito.

They drived to the client’s house and give him the weed. In the way back to their hoe they saw five police cars behind the telling them to stop. Benito said: don’t stop for anything in the world! Then one police car was coming from the front part and stopped right in front of them.

They stopped and the five of them, Benito, Shoro and their three lifeguards grabed an AK-47 each one with three full magazines and five grenades. They first killed the police men in front of them. Then they started shooting to the police men in the back. This was turning very bad because one of the lifeguards have been shooted. All the sudden a big sound grabbed everybody’s attention. Then Benito turned around and saw Shoro thrown in the floor, Benito tried to see if he was alive but he was not.

The police man that shoots at Shoro was Aquiles Clabel, he is very aggressive just like Benito, he is the only person in Honduras that can handle a Intervention Sniper Rifle. Aquiles was the captain of the police department in Honduras.

Benito was very upset and very very angry at the same time. He knew that it was Aquiles that killed Shoro because Aquiles was the only person in Honduras that can use an Intervention. He promised Shoran that he was going to kill Aquiles before Shoro died.

It was sepember,26 and it was Benito” birthday, so he went out by himself to buy some drinks for his birthday party. He was getting hungry and he drove over Burger King. When he was going to order his food, he saw Aquiles taking dinner with his family. He waited outside the restaurant for Aquiles to get out. He was ready to kill Aquiles with a magnum.

Aquiles came out by himself because he had forgot the money in his car, and it was time to pay for the food, then Benito grabbed Aquiles and said: this is for my best friend. Boom! Boom! Benito shot twice in Aquiles head.

Everybody in the restaurant heard the shot, then the watchman of the restaurant saw Benito running and shot him in the back.

Benito accomplished his promess, he killed Aquiles but the watchman of the restaurant accomplished his mission too, to give segurity to all the people of the restaurant. Benito and aquiles both died. And who knows how the gang members are going to react.

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