Taylor's Adventure

October 12, 2010
By victoriam5 BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
victoriam5 BRONZE, Wellington, Florida
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Taylor, was a 12 year old girl, who lived with her mom, Luisa, her dad, Jack, and her 15 year old brother, Tyler. Taylor loved the outdoors, school, her friends, and just life in general. Her life couldn’t be better. She is a straight A student and super athletic. She lives with her family in a nice house in California, right by the beach.

It was just a typical day, sunny and hot. So she decided to enjoy the beautiful day outside. “Can I go to the park, mom?” she asked her mom politely. “Of course, be back at four.” she replied. Taylor got her scooter and rode west to her park. When she arrived, she realized this wasn’t a typical day at all. There weren’t any people, the park was deserted, with an occasional car here and there. She just ignored that and headed towards the swings.

As she was swinging, a beat up, white van pulled up to the park. A man who looked to be in his 40’s, stepped out. He was the creepiest man she ever laid eyes on. He had a long, straggly beard, few teeth, and dirty clothes with holes all over them. Assuming he was a worker, she kept swinging. Focusing her eyes on two blue jays chirping and playing together, she smiled, then looking back over at the man, her smile quickly faded. He was heading right towards her rather fast. She jumped off the swing and grabbed her scooter and quickly rode off. About ten seconds later she looks back to find him chasing her. She then began to scooter even faster. When she looked back a second time, the worst thing that could possibly happen, happened. She tripped on a crack and went flying off the scooter on to the ground, scraping up her knees and elbows, she then tried to get up and run, but as she started to run he grabbed her by the arm roughly and dragged her back to his van. She screamed and fought as much as she could, although nothing was working, he shoved her fiercely into the back seat, slammed the door shut and climbed back in to the front seat and floored off.

She tried to go up front and fight him for her life. But when she tried, he hit her with a metal object, like a hammer. She fell down with a thud, and was out cold. Later she wakes up on the floor in a hard, cold, dreadful place. She sits up and realizes she has the worst headache of her life, but that’s not the only thing she realizes, this isn’t her house. Then her memory comes back and she remembers what happened. Oh my, gosh, she thinks, I’ve been kidnapped. She stands up and spots a door. She sprints up to the door, flings it open, and is ready to run for her life, when she realizes this wasn’t a door leading to the outside, it was a door to this creepy mans office. He turns his chair around, and smiles creepily.

“Oh good, your up.” She then demanded to know why he did this and what he wants from her. He then started to explain, “Well, you see, with this economy, its real hard for a man like me to make a livin’ around a place like this. I then got a real bright idea, to kidnap stupid lil’ kids and demand ransom, smart huh?” She then got real mad and laughed sourly. “Um, no Mr. it’s not smart at all, you’ll never get away with this, its about 5:00 and I was supposed to be back an hour a go, cops will be looking everywhere, your not very smart for a criminal.” He smiled “Well you see, we are in the middle of a woods in a place where no one ever goes, and no cop’ll ever think of even goin’ ten miles from here, lil’ girl. So why don’t you go runnin back to the other room and shut up for me, thanks.”
She then replied “First of all please learn some English, and second of all when you demand ransom, the cops will be looking all over, but anyways how much are you going to demand?” “Well Ima go drop a note by the door, and ask them to meet me somewhere with about 100,000 dollars, and if they bring cops, or anybody, your dead and there next. Please run along and be good will ya?” She snarled. “Whatever, this will never work. Have fun in jail soon, I’ll make sure not to visit.” She then approached the door and slammed it behind her.

She examined the door and realized the only way out was the door in his office, right in front of him. I’ll never make it, she thought. She then sat down and thought about her family, friends and everyone who was worried and looking for her. She began to sob loudly. The man came out angry of her noise. “I told you to shut up didn’t I? you’ll be fine as long as they listen, and ill be rich, it’s a win-win situation!” “I miss my family, and I hate it here, plus I’m scared and starving and I want to go home.” she replied. “All right I’ll get you something to eat, if you’ll shut up” She about had it by now, “Listen here, you can stop telling me to shut up, and yeah get me something to eat, and let me out of here.” He began to laugh, “You don’t get it little girl, your not leavin’ unless I get 100 grand.” “Watch me” she growled and began to plow at the door. “Ha. Funny” He grabbed her arm, we can do this the easy way or the hard way, if you sit down we can do it the easy way” “Whatever” She took a seat.

Back at home things were erratic, he parents were freaking out, and by now its 7:00, three hours past when she was supposed to be back, still no sign of her anywhere. They already had a search helicopter, and about ten squad cars searching everywhere. Earlier at about 4:30, her mom went to the park to find no Taylor, a damaged scooter and blood on the ground, she quickly called 911 and told them everything. By now she was getting really worried. She couldn’t stop crying. But it was getting late and she had to get some sleep, she woke up early morning, and went to Taylor’s room like she always did, to wake her up, but of course, she wasn’t here, she suddenly remembered what happened the previous day. She then went to Tyler’s room to wake him up, next. But he also wasn’t in there, which was very strange, she then noticed something on his bed, a note that read “Mom, do not worry, I went out early this morning in search of Taylor, I couldn’t take the pain, and I had to look for her myself. Be back later. I love you. Love, Tyler” She burst out into tears, it was just like Tyler to do that kind of thing, she should of seen it coming.

The doorbell rang and she ran to the door, hoping it was Taylor, but what she saw was surprising, there was no one there, then something caught her eye. A note. She picked it up and read it. “I have Taylor, and she is alive, but you wont be getting her so easily, meet me on Lake Street with 100,000 dollars in cash, tomorrow at 2:00 pm sharp and you will see your precious little daughter again. But remember, contact the cops, she will die, then I will get Tyler, then your husband, and you’ll go last, after you watch all three of them die right in front of your eyes. So make a wise decision.”

She then sprinted upstairs and shook her husband and handed them this sheet of paper. He slowly read it over and over again, crying harder each time he read it. He then slowly said “We don’t have that kind of money.” She replied, “I know, I have a plan, I’ll explain later, first I need to contact the cops and tell them about this.” He looked puzzled, “What do you mean? It specifically said don’t contact them!” She smiled, “I know, but trust me.”

She ran downstairs and called the cops and explained her plan. Her plan was to go tomorrow and pretend like she has the money by bringing a suitcase filled with a few bricks to make it heavy, and more believable, and when he opens the suitcase and sees it’s a fake the cops will come bursting out from the woods with guns and he will be arrested and she will be saved. The cops agree and will set up at 1:30 to get ready and she will arrive at 2:00, it was a perfect plan, and will have to work.

Back at the kidnappers house, he arrived back from dropping off the note, and went in to the house. “We don’t even have that kind of money, it wont work I’m telling you, you’re the dumbest criminal ever, what did you drop out of elementary school?” She yelled as he walked in to the door. “Actually, yes” He replied. “But it will work, if they care, you wait and see.” She rolled her eyes. He gave her a cot to sleep in tonight so she lay on that and drifted asleep, dreaming about her family and friends reuniting again. At about 9:30 she woke up. She lay there and prayed that she and her family will be safe and reunited once again. Time went by so slowly that morning, but finally the clock struck 1:45. “It’s time.” He said. “Time for what? Your plan not to work?” she replied with humor. “Just shut up and get in to the back of my van. It’s time to get my 100 grand.” “Not.” she said under her breath. “What was that?” He asked. “Oh, nothing.” They drove to the spot on Lake Street, where my moms blue minivan was waiting. Taylor tensed up as we approached. He stepped out of the van. And so did she, with a silver suitcase. What could she possibly be doing? She thought, we don’t have that kind of money.” The man grabbed the suitcase forcefully and quickly opened it. “Wait a second, this isn’t m-”

Then about 20 police men sprinted out of the forest with pistols aiming at the guy. The man started to run but was quickly surround and handcuffed. Taylor jumped out of the van and ran to her mother, grabbed her and began to cry of happiness, and so did she. The man looked at them with an evil glare. “Told you it wouldn’t work.” Taylor smiled. “Wait ‘till I get you guys.” Then the cop interrupted. “That wont be happening, you wont be getting out of jail for a long, long time. Taylor and her mother drove home. First her mom entered. Jack and Tyler sprinted to the door and said simultaneously, “What happened? Where’s Taylor?” Then they saw her walk through the door and they both ran up and hugged her so tight. Everyone was crying and hugging. The next morning, Taylor said “Can I go to the park, mom?” Her mom replied, “Honey, I d-” Then Tyler interrupted, “Sure, but I’m coming with you.” He smiled, grabbed her hand and they walked out the door. The mom followed them out, gave them a big hug and screamed “Be careful!” as they walked to the park. Taylor really was the luckiest girl in the world.

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on Oct. 21 2010 at 10:07 pm
This is a great story.  You did a fantastic job.  I love the way you made Taylor brave and how she stood up to her captor.

on Oct. 20 2010 at 6:32 pm



on Oct. 15 2010 at 5:48 am
deus-ex-machina14 BRONZE, Stewartsville, New Jersey
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Favorite Quote:
"There are two main tragedies in life. One is not getting what one wants, and the other is getting it." -Oscar Wilde

I love this, so well written! Especially the last line, good job!

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